Good Day and Good Morn, everyone! Welcome to our weekly review of The Good Doctor! I love how the story plots stay throughout the seasons, and don’t just end with the end of the episode. There also in an underlying theme, one that every character works through, to develop themselves more. This one focuses on lying, or hiding the truth to protect others.

gd 13.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

We jump into Jared and Shaun working together under Dr. Andrews. The patient, a young woman, Naja Modi, has a minor burn on her hand. Shaun, being Shaun, asks if Jared and he are being punished with a boring case, because of their actions last week. For those who do not remember, Shaun went on a car ride for 2 days, and Jared was fired, and sued the hospital to get it back. While they are studying the hand, the woman grabs her chest, thinking she had a heart attack. Still, her stats do not show a heart attack happening.

Over with Claire and Dr. Lee, we learn Coyle got transferred, but was given a raise to transfer, not fired. Their patient is having an aneurysm, but after surgery, they realize he has a second one, and needs surgery before it ruptures, killing him. Lee isn’t strong enough to do the procedure herself, but only Coyle is available. Claire and Lee decide to do the procedure themselves, without a surgeon support. What they didn’t expect, is the mother deciding to not let the procedure happen. If a patient is unconscious, then the choice goes to the family, partner first, children/parents second. While talking with Shaun about the case, Shaun claims the mother is lying, she wants her husband to die for some reason. His reasoning? “If you love someone, you will do anything to prevent their death.” Thinking of Steve, huh?

gd 13.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Speaking of Shaun, we see him back with the patient, who finds out her chest pain is from lung inflammation. They decide to check out the throat, Melendez talking the lead, Shaun and Jared supporting. Jared tries to suck up to Melendez, but every attempt is ignored. Shaun asks if Melendez is traumatized after breaking up with his fiance. There is a little back and forth, and suddenly, her bronchial wall is breached and Naja begins to hemorrhaging. Shaun blames Melendez, believing he caused the wall rupture, and goes to Jessica to report it. Jessica and Melendez fight, and I can see neither one of them is fully over the other.

Claire talks with the mother again, this time really looking. It’s obvious something is going on, and Claire gives her domestic abuse pamphlets. It’s obvious this is the only way she can escape, in her mind, and let her son keep a belief of how great his father is. But, that means her choice is not in the patient’s best interest. They approach her again for consent, explaining if she didn’t sign off, they will take her to court, and everyone will know. She signs it. During the surgery, his blood pressure starts spiking, and Lee aborts the surgery. They talk with her again, accusing her of messing with his medications. But Claire is perspective, and ask if maybe, her son knows more than he is letting on. The mother talks with the son, and through a window, we see them fighting, before breaking down. With the knowledge he isn’t on anything to help with the aneurysms, they return to surgery, him now properly drugged. The surgery went well, even if neither women wanted it to be good, but we do get a moment, as Claire goes to tell the family, and sees the waiting area empty. I hope the mother and son have a great life.

gd 13.2Naja and Shaun talk, him flat out admitting he thinks she is a terrorist. She didn’t get her burns from food, but from chemicals. But, she begins to have a heart attack. Shaun believes she is sick, because of chemical burns, flowing through her body. Treatment is easy, but Jared thinks she might be sick because of the rupture, antibiotics would help, but if they administer the treatment, and it is wrong, the issue would progress more, irreversible. Melendez decides to administer the antibiotics, which means he caused the rupture. Jared goes against orders, and treats the chemical burns, and the patient is fine. It also means Melendez did nothing wrong.

We wrap up the episode with each character accepting a bit of themselves. Jessica and Melendez talk, and she clearly still loves him. But, he pushes her away, stating he would not be a good husband, and to be distracted by the break up doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen, just means what they had was real. Claire decides to look into all the people who worked with Coyle and then quit, to create a case against him. Shaun decides to approach Glassman about the distance he’s noticed, and asks to be his friend. In a twist of events, Glassman says no. Those two need each other. They belong together. But hopefully it will be resolved next episode. Lea’s not around to give him a car ride.

I love the little lessons each episode holds, and how you can see the characters developing throughout the series. I hope Claire can create a case against Coyle, and he gets what he deserves. And I hope Shaun gets to stand on his own without falling on his face. I think that’s all I got, so, good night, sweet days, and as always, Stay Shiny!


Hello Hello! Welcome my friends, to the medical side of The Good Doctor. This one is short, focusing on the male character today. With Naja, it was all explained, except maybe how the chemicals travelled through her body. With a burn, fire wise, it’s flame meeting skin, and using flesh to fuel itself. We are very liquidy, so the fire will run out of fuel, and die. Yes, there is damage, but not like chemical. With chemical burns, most anything can be a fuel source, so as it travelled through Naja’s system, it left a trail of damage. The only way to stop it is to kill it off outright. Running out of fuel would be her death.

Now, on to aneurysms! They are bulging, weak points in arteries. Blood can cause it to rupture, and lead to bacteria entering the bloodstream, or loss of blood flow. There are little to no symptoms, mainly relying on where the aneurysm is located, but oftentimes, with genetics, you might have multiples. Surgery is a great way to fix it, before they rupture, or, if they are small and not at risk of rupturing, medication to strengthen the walls. Secretly, hope the guy has a 3rd one, hidden somewhere, so he can just die off. It would make me quite happy.

Well, I know it’s short, but I hoped you enjoyed. Tata for now, and stay shiny!