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OLIVER RETURNS TO HIS REGULAR LIFE IN STAR CITY — Oliver (Stephen Amell) is ready to get back to work with the SCPD and to focus on his marriage with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). However, when Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) tasks Oliver with tracking the new Green Arrow (Sea Shimooka) things take a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) must answer to ARGUS about Diaz (Kirk Acevedo). – The CW

The episode opens with the Emiko Queen Green Arrow hunting a man down in an alley way. I need to find something else to call her—umm, how about Lady Arrow? That’s bad. New Green Arrow? Nah. Okay, I got it, Arrow and Oliver will be the Green Arrow.

So, the episode opens with the Arrow hunting a man down in an alley. It turns into a monologue montage about people failing the city and her crossing names of a list. She is basically first season Oliver Queen—she might be more badass.  When the montage ends she is in a bar looking for Glenn Morgan. She is given a USB to help break into where he may be.

Glenn Morgan isn’t there but she gets some data on a tablet but then things get worse and she gets shot. She escapes but she needs help and who does she go to? That’s right, Wilddog.

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Oliver and Dinah are on the case. If you forgot Ollie is now working as a police consult. It’s like Castle but with a superhero. Anyways so they do cop stuff and find some blood but the SCPD is has a heavy backlog so it might take awhile to get the results back. So, Ollie is all like you’re working with the Green Arrow, you might as well use his resources. She gives him the evidence.

Emiko wakes up on Rene’s couch, he stitched her up and she is good as new. He wants to help her, wants to know her name. Anything  about her. She’s not giving away any answers and isn’t looking for a partner.  She thanks him and dips.

Flash forward time. Zoey is looking real fancy at a the Glades Hall for a conference from the mayor. And the mayor, is Rene with a hairpiece. The Glades are great, let’s keep ’em great. I’m paraphrasing but that’s what MayorDog is all about. Things look good in this future for the Glades.

Back to the present day, Lyla is questioning Diaz in an ARGUS interrogation room. They want to know who the terrorist Dante is and why he paid Diaz’s debt to the Longbow Hunters. As expected Diaz is not very compliant.

Oliver’s resource is Felicity. And just like that she’s got a match. The Arrow is a woman and shares DNA with Oliver’s father.

Emiko heals up quick and she is back on the hunt Glenn Morgan. Dog intervenes, thinking he is helping her but she is not about it. The guys get away and she tells Dog next time she’ll put an arrow in him if he gets in her way. She really is just like first season Oliver.

Felicity confirms that the New Green Arrow is definitely his sister but according to world databases she doesn’t exist. Just another of Robert Queen’s secrets. Naturally, Felicity thinks he should reach out but Emiko hasn’t so Oliver doesn’t want to either. She may not be in any databases but their is a paper trail leading to her. A storage unit is being rented out in the name Moira Queen. Did everyone know about Emiko but Oliver?

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Emiko has tracked down the mercenaries to some suburban looking place. It looks like where Felicity and Oliver lived for like a minute in season 4.

Back at ARGUS, John tries his hand at interrogating Diaz. Shockingly Diaz still doesn’t want to talk. That is until Diggle offers him a deal—give him Dante and Diaz walks free. Holy crap, they’re bring back the Suicide Squad. The Deputy Director finds out about it and is all about it.

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Emiko does need Wilddog’s help. She send him an address via arrow. ‘

Back in the future, Zoey is warning Rene about a potential bombing attack on Star City. Nobody helped the Glades when they needed help. Zoey wants him to loan out something called the “archer program” to help. The future has changed Rene, he doesn’t want to help.

Back in the present, Rene does want to help. Help Emiko that is. She called meeting with him because she wants to know why he wants to help. Everyone’s moved on to other ways to help the city but him and he still wants to help. She likes what she hears and tells him to follow her.

Oliver and Felicity paid a trip to the storage unit and our back at the apartment with some boxes. In one of those said boxes, Oliver finds a letter from Robert to Walter Steele asking Walter to help right his last wrong and take care of Emiko. At the same time the letter is being read Emiko shows Rene her lair where she has the classic board with string where it is deduced that this Glenn Morgan character killed her mother.

Oliver is upset, Emiko was not taken care of—thanks to Moira looking everything up in the storage unit. It also hurts to find out that Robert had a second family.  Oliver’s tried so hard to right his families wrongs, how is he going to right this wrong.

Emiko opens up to him just a little bit. Shares the string board and that her father abandoned her. Emiko and her mom lived in the Glades this whole time. Glenn Morgan put a bullet in your mom’s head and then the whole building was burned down to cover it up. Dog’s in, time for revenge.

But first the future, Dinah and Rene meet she shows him the evidence they found at Felicity’s. Star City isn’t his problem—it’s wild how much he changed, She flashes him that fancy tattoo they all got together and says they owe this to Felicity. The tears on working so Dinah switches to threatening.

Back in ARGUS, Lyla isn’t happy with John. Apparently, Diggle took it upon himself to start up the Ghost Initiative—that’s what they call their Suicide Squad. When Lyla took over she promised herself she’d never bring it back and Dig goes ahead and does. She’s a little angry.

Emiko meets Curtis. They needed a guy in a chair to help them. Curtis fan boys a bit like you’d expect. And Emiko finally shares her name with Rene and Curtis.

Operation revenge in the burbs is in full effect—my name not their’s. Curtis klls the lights and they strike. “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Glenn Morgan fights with some weird ass boomerang sword but that doesn’t stop her arrows. He claims someone set him up, she believes him and knocks him out instead. She’s failed her mission and her mother.

Emiko is defeated. Glenn Morgan’s alibi checked out. Back to square one but Wilddog still wants to help her and she accepts.

In future we find out the threatening did work. The archer program looks like some kind of brother eye program. Uh oh, looks like somebody has been manipulating Wilddog or maybe not. Future Wilddog may be evil.

Oliver continues to brood over his family’s secrets. Felicity pushes for him to reach out to her.

Diaz gets his brain bomb. I can’t wait to meet the new squad.

In her lair Emiko trains and studies her new string board. She suits up and delivers another monologue about embracing darkness for justice. The episode closes with Oliver meeting her at their father’s grave.


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