Source: You’re the Worst

Jimmy and Gretchen’s breakup has had an impact on the friendship shared between our favorite four-some. Due to the animosity between the former lovers, shared time among our four main characters is limited. Instead, the characters each seem to be on their own this week, with some minor contact between them. I hope this changes next week based on the events unfolding at the end of the episode!

Lindsay: Lindsay learned this episode that she is capable of truly loving something, in this case, her niece Tallulah, who everyone seems to think looks like “Billy Corgan fell asleep in a jacuzzi.” Lindsay and Edgar spend much of the episode babysitting Tallulah while Becca and Vernon record their podcast. Later, after Becca becomes too drunk to function and passes out on the bathroom floor, Lindsay’s maternal instincts kick in and she lays into her sister for her behavior. In the end, Lindsay is scared of her motherly streak. She decides that she never wants to be vulnerable by loving her own family, and that she will dedicate herself to her work instead.

Gretchen: Gretchen continued to come to terms with her breakup with Jimmy, this week commiserating with Becca and appearing on Becca and Vernon’s podcast “Vernon Down The House” (she’s the last minute fill-in for Jon Cryer). After spending the episode mulling over her relationship with Jimmy, Gretchen decides that she should not have left the home they shared and decides to move back in. Her line of thinking – she’s paid the rent, so she’s going to live there. Jimmy seems terrified by this.

Jimmy: Jimmy spends much of the episode upset at the way that his novel is being marketed – as an erotic romance for women. “That looks like a sex book for horny airport ladies!” As a result, he refuses to go to a reading set up by his publicists. He is lured into the reading though, after he shows up in disguise and sees the turnout. It seems he’s going to embrace his role as the next E. L. James.

Edgar: Edgar is using an app to date women and it’s going badly. Jimmy offers some awful advice – be mean. Unfortunately, Edgar seems to take this advice and run with it, but it backfires. It’s not until he crafts his own strategy (not too nice, not too mean) that he seems to make progress.

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