Iris, Will, Felix, Percy, and Elton are on the road to try to find Silas led by Will. They all hear the music playing and see that walkers are approaching from behind. Will and Felix decide to stay behind to clear the walkers approaching so they have an escape plan if they need it by luring walkers into a ravine. The others kept moving ahead.

Silas and the two other workers at this facility were working on fixing part of the fence. Silas stays to work on this part of the fence as the others move to another spot on the fence. Iris can’t wait any longer so she goes up to say hi to Silas as the other two follow, Elton and Percy go to hug Silas, who asks what are they doing here. Iris stops and just stares at Silas. They go inside and discuss the plan which is to steal Dennis’s key card, take a truck, drive it to the research facility to unlock a door at a specific time and everyone will head to Portland. It sounds like a shit plan to me, but eventually, Silas agrees.

Hal Cumpston as Silas – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

The next part of the plan is for Felix and Iris to turn themselves into the Civic Republic. Indira and Asha they will turn them in and act like they caught them. Meanwhile, Percy, Will, and Elton will stay back in the village. Will has told everyone on the inside that if this plan doesn’t work they also have another possible escape plan tomorrow that involves the supply drop that is scheduled once a month. Percy(now dressed up in Elton’s gear) can’t sit still so he decides to pull a white knight so he tracks down the wagon on his horse. Percy takes to long trying to talk his way in but they are made as the Civic Republic makes it to them before they can make a brand new concrete plan.

At the research facility, they are being questioned as to what happened. Elizabeth doesn’t believe the story they are getting so she asks her daughter Huck to go in to get the story. While this was happening Huck broke into her mom’s office rummaging through the safe for information. She finds some field transmissions that really upset her. Elizabeth’s right hand found Huck outside of her office and told Elizabeth.

Bringing up the timeline of Hope and Dr. Bennett before this time Hope has been having bad dreams that her dad was stirring up too much and the soldiers shoot him. Hope goes to look for her dad, who was working with other doctors on Hope’s yeast theory, they tell Hope they found 3 strands that could expedite the decay of walkers. Hope wants to have some free time with her dad. She tells her dad she doesn’t want him to stir anything up and that she has a confession. She saw Iris and Felix recently and that Will is alive and they are close. Later that day Hope and Dr. Bennett are able to see the others inside the holding tank. Later they get to chat, Hope wants to go along with Felix and Iris’s plan, Dr. Bennett does too but he wants to talk to Dr. Bellshaw first because he believes he can trust her…

Some quick loose ends get tied up, Silas convinces Dennis to borrow the keycard and the truck by offering to transport walkers. While Asha comes clean to Elton that it’s actually her mom that is sick not here, you can see that connection growing. Silas gets the truck and heads to the meetup point, while Dr. Bennett is hurriedly looking for Dr. Bellshaw. Huck shows up and stops Dr. Bennett and tells him she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t life or death. Huck kept the transmissions from her moms safe. She says the Civic Republic brought the empties to Omaha, and that some of the people from Omaha are having tests run on them here. Huck wants to know what is happening, who is involved and she wants to stop it.

Natalie Gold as Lyla – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Silas got a little excited and showed up early to the door at 1:46. He ends up caught by the Civic Republic at gunpoint. Don’t think this is just the end of the episode it has an extended scene. Dr. Bellshaw has a new test subject, the soldier that challenged Elizabeth earlier over what happened at the Campus Colony. Dr. Bellshaw has a new boss, it is JADIS!