What’s up quiver heads, that’s what people call Arrow fans, right? Okay, fine maybe not anyways this past weekend was San Diego Comic-Con and like many of you I wish I was there but I wasn’t. But have no fear because I am going to feel you in on what went down at the Arrow panel.

At SDCC Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Echo Kellum, Juliana Harkavy, Rick Gonzales and executive producer Beth Swartz graced those lucky enough to attend the panel.

Like usually the panel opened with a trailer for Season 7, which was awesome by the way.

My boy Cody Rhodes aka Derek Sampson and a bunch of other villains are back, Bronze Tiger, another favorite of mine and the Juggernaut look alike Brick. They are all back because Ollie’s locked up in Slabside Maximum Security Prison with them. I’ve been waiting so long for Ollie to go to jail, I’m so excited. At this point you are all probably thinking, hey wait a second isn’t Bronze Tiger dead, apparently, he isn’t.

Oh yeah, they have also released a summary for season 7, here it is:

“There has been no shortage of close calls for Oliver Queen when it comes to protecting his Super Hero identity, but in the season six finale, he was finally backed into a corner and forced to reveal himself to the world as the Green Arrow. Now, Oliver will come face-to-face with many of the criminals he placed behind bars, as he makes a new home for himself at Slabside Maximum Security Prison. Oliver will find himself vulnerable in a way unlike ever before when a mysterious new enemy begins to unravel his work as Green Arrow, challenging him to redeem his name or risk losing everything.” – The CW

As mentioned above Beth Swartz is in attendance and it is interesting to point out that she is the show runner this season taking the reins from Marc Guggenheim. She promises to add a dark spin to the show. I have faith in her, she is far from new, having been with the show since Season 1, so don’t expect any drastic changes.

Roy is back and I mean back back, as in a series regular. I’m a big fan of Roy so this is good news to me. Colton Haynes couldn’t spoil anything for the fans but he was quoted saying “he’s not the same person. It’s going to be very, very interesting.” Well that certainly has me interested. Based on the trailer there is someone new in the green hood and my money is on Roy. I’m looking forward to seeing how he is different as a character and happy to have him back on the show, no Thea though, so that’ll be weird.

Derek Sampson, Bronze Tiger and Brick aren’t the only villains we’ll be seeing. As promised last season, the Longbow Hunters are coming. Red Dart, Kodak and Silencer. Red Dart will be played by Holly Elissa and in the comics, is the only one associated with the Longbow Hunters. Kodiak will be played by Michael Jonsson and Silencer will be played by Miranda Edwards. Silencer is easily the most interesting addition to the show considering her character was only interested this year in the comics after the Dark Nights: Metal event concluded.

Image result for dc silencer

The Silencer- property of DC Comics

Like you’d expect people wanted to know about the crossover and Batwoman. Stephen Amell had this to say, “it’s a 44-minute-long conversation between Oliver and Batwoman in prison through the Plexiglas” A joke of course, but I’d watch it.

Let’s be real you all come year to find out about that sweet little cancer survivor named Sara from last year. Well she’s back and she brought Stephen’s necklace back, in response he gave her a custom bow and a big hug. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Stephen Amell really is a hero.

To close the panel David Ramsey promised that with Oliver in prison Felicity and Diggle will be brought closer through hunting Diaz down. Interesting. Everyone is affected by Oliver being locked up. Stephen Amell even promised that William will have the most interesting arc on the show. William certainly got better throughout last season but I gotta see that to believe it.

That’s all until Arrow premieres Monday, October 15th at 8 pm on the CW, see you then quiver heads.