It’s been 24 years, right down to the day (ok not really but, dramatic effect) when Hocus Pocus came out and the love and excitement for this movie has not faded. I don’t know about you but around this time every year is when I start to pull out my old VHS a witches hat and a vacuum for flying, and with All Hallows Eve quickly approaching us which I could not be more excited for, here are some ideas on how to throw your own All Hallows Eve party that even a Sanderson Sister would approve of!
For me one of the best parts of the movie is the soundtrack, and if if your going to dance until you die, you might want something to rock out to! Here’s a small playlist to help all you ghouls and growls get the party started.

The obvious most important part of any event, however I think you should go simple here! Get a ton of classic halloween candy; Kit-Kats, Woppers, Almond Joys, and my favorite; Candy Corn! How often as an adult do you just get to eat as much candy as you want without judgement? Exactly. So trust me on this one, especially if your a person who doesn’t like doing much in ways of preparing for a party.
Carve some pumpkins:
Here’s some good stencils of the sisters themselves if you really want to get fancy with it, if not some good ol’ triangle eyes and jagged mouth will give the same effect. The thing about carving pumpkins though is that you want to do it close enough to the party that they won’t rot before, but also you don’t want to do it day of because you’ve got better things to spend your time on that day! I would suggest doing it maybe a day or two in advance.

Cut out some spider webs:
You know how at Christmas you cut snowflakes out of tissue paper? Well get some red, purple, green, and black tissue paper and cut out a spiderweb shape! Here’s a good walk through:

Have a costume contest:
Tell your friends to be sure to dress up and have prizes for the best, the funniest, weirdest, or just best Max costume for your friends who think they’re too cool for Halloween (maybe you don’t need those friends?)

Go trick or treating for a cause:
With the recent hurricane season, plenty of people are without food, so if your looking to get out of the house, asking around for caned food or donations for a hurricane support organization ,then that’s not only fun, but proactive! It’s a win-win!

I hope this will help with your Halloween party planning, and if you have more ideas to add to an All Hallow Eve extravaganza, leave your ideas in the comments down below, and Happy Haunting everyone!