Courtesy of Comedy Central

It finally happened, Abbi (with her former love Trey) trained (a very reluctant) Shania Twain.

Broad City was back in present day this week, after a fantasy Sliding Doors-style episode that showed us Abbi and Ilana’s origin story. Episode 2 was packed with guest stars and provided us an update on Abbi and Ilana that sets up the remainder of season 4.

Abbi is now working as an assistant for guest-star Wanda Sykes’ Dara, a very posh New York City graphic designer. It’s a step up for Abbi, who spent the first three seasons working at Soulstice Gym as part of the cleaning crew, but it also involves running a lot of cat-related errands for her new boss. (Where do I get some of that fancy kitty litter for my own kittens???)

So how does Abbi end up back at Soulstice training Shania Twain? She has an important package shipped to the wrong address (who among us hasn’t done this???) and has to trek down to her former work to retrieve it, or else it will be sent to North Brother Island, never to be seen again! When she sees Trey training Shania, she does a bit of stalking before she is caught by Trey, who thinks she’s there for him. (Apparently she told everyone she’d won Powerball to get out of working there?) Abbi begs Trey for the chance to work with Shania, and Trey relents. Shania isn’t much for fitness, but the three bond over their love of Friends and Abbi and Trey get a lot of flirting in. In the end, however, they decide (after a locker room sexual encounter gone bad) that they are not meant to be. Abbi leaves Soulstice for good having finally achieved her dream of training Shania Twain.

Unemployed Ilana, meanwhile, is interviewing for waitress jobs. At an interview set up by Jaime, she meets maître d’ extraordinaire Marcel, played by Ru Paul. He doesn’t think that Ilana is cut out for the Manhattan restaurant world – she’s not mean enough – but Ilana tells him off in an impressive fashion, and is hired on the spot. Later, Ilana questions whether she can keep up the mean-exterior and considers quitting. Instead, she decides to be herself. It must work, because Ilana takes home $800 in tips on her first day. Success!

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