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Did you know that the Walking Dead now has pirates?

This episode had everything, what a way to come back from the halftime that felt like forever. As the episode concluded before the break, Sasha, Daryl and Abraham were stopped by a bicycle gang who turned out to be thugs of Negan. They were trying to flex their muscle and scare the group, telling them that everything belongs to them. Abraham was being mouthy, and the biker leader told Abraham that to eat the shit it’s easier to, “bite, chew, swallow repeat, it goes quicker.” When that was going on Daryl was towards the back of the truck with one of the thugs, he was able to kill and overpower the thug and get the rocket launcher, which he used to blow up the entire biker gang in one shot after they were going to kill Sasha and or Abraham.

Back at Alexandria the group was making their way out of Alexandria to go to the infirmary to get the guns, but while out their they realized that the numbers were to many and guns wouldn’t be able to get the job done, so literally out in the middle of walkers they decide to change the plan to head to the rock quarry to get the cars to drive back to lure walkers out and away from Alexandria. Jesse says that it is not the best for Judith to go that far and back when they decide that she needs to stay here, that is when Father Gabriel decided he would do something useful and offered to take Judith to his church. Jesse wants Sam to go with Father Gabriel to the church knowing that he is in over his head, but Sam kept insisting he could handle it. So Father Gabriel and Judith head off to the church and the rest of the group pushes on.

Enid and Glenn have made their way back into Alexandria into the church for cover. Glenn is trying to formulate a plan to save Maggie from the lookout perch, he wants Enid to find a way to create a rope that Maggie can use to climb over the wall. He is also looking for a bible glock that is hidden somewhere. Enid insists on helping Glenn with the rescue effort even though he doesn’t want her to. During the time in the church Glenn tells Enid that, “that’s how you lose people, even after they’re gone.” When she doesn’t understand he tells her that people you love made you who you are, they are a part of you. That’s how they live on even after they are gone.

Back to the group inside the walker mixer party, it is turning to nightfall and the group is making slow progress. During the walk, Sam notices a young boy walker who is around his age, this is when he loses his mind. He can’t keep quiet, which obviously lures the walkers, who start eating his shoulders which creates more screaming, at this point Jesse starts losing it while holding onto Sam, and she then gets pounced on by walkers. However she has a strong grip on Carl’s hand and won’t let go. Rick goes into go mode and starts hacking off Jesse’s wrist to free up Carl, during this a handgun falls into the open. Which is picked up by Ron, who has always wanted to kill the Grimes family and he aims it at Rick thinking it is his fault this is happening. Not going to let that happen, Michonne gores Ron with her sword, which causes Ron to shoot an errant shot out, which ends up hitting Carl. Carl speaks out to his dad before passing out. Rick grabs Carl, with Michonne playing fullback and clearing the way towards Denise’s make shift hospital.


“I got my eye on you.” Carl to the ant. Photo credit: Walking Dead Comic Book.

It was like this, except less complete hole in his head and maybe more blood.

While this was happening, Denise was bonding with the Wolf, in a weird way, they were biding their time for escape, when they finally made the move the Wolf saved Denise and got bit, with Denise saying if they make it back to her hospital she can save his life, when this was going on Carol who was on watch saw him and shot and killed him so Denise could escape back to her hospital house. When she saw that Rick and Michonne were headed to the house, she mentally prepared herself for what was happening and what she needed to do, directing orders to the people in the house on what pieces she needed to do her job.

The group led by Rosita, Carol and Morgan are formulating their plan, Carol thinks she should have killed Morgan after all, they all agree that at some point they have to make a stand and go out and fight. This prompts Eugene to step up willing to fight, where Rosita tries to tell him, “no not him he doesn’t have to.” Later on Eugene tells Rosita, “No one get to clock out today. And hell this is a story people are going to tell.” This becomes a common theme of this episode, unlikely characters are literally willing to fight with the backs against the wall.

Rick after dropping off Carl, and knowing that he can be stabilized, gets that look in his eye, the same one after he learned that Lori died, grabs his machete, and goes back out solo to start hacking on the walkers. A few moments later, Michonne knows what has to happen, kisses Carl on the head, grabs her machete and rushes out to join Michonne. Heath, Aaron, and someone else follow shortly after Michonne to join in the circle. As they are fighting their way other people in houses sees whats going on and grab whatever they can to go out and fight. Soon more and more survivors are joining the fight, it gets over towards the church and Father Gabriel asks some other people in the church to watch over Judith as he grabs a machete. Some of his flock are asking what he is up to, and he replied, “We have been asking for someone to save our city, but God has given us the courage to save it ourselves.” This quite easily could turn out to be Father Gabriel’s redemption event in more ways than one.

Now we get to something I am not as much enjoying, a lot of things are easily believable or passable, but things with Glenn are getting a bit overboard. With his survival from under the dumpster, which as many times as I watched it, didn’t seem to match up with the spacing, to this episode. Enid goes to climb up to save Maggie, while Glenn literally runs around and yells like a crazy person, to get backed up to the wall shooting walkers with his hand gun. When it looks lik he is about to get over run, Sasha and Abraham return with their automatic weapons and quick spray the walkers down, in theory getting head shots on every walker from the distance to save Glenn? I am just finding all his near deaths over the top, and I wonder if they are doing it so we won’t expect or believe his death when it happens.

Daryl directs the gas truck to the pond, unleashes the gas, and hits it with the rocket launcher to explode and ignite to get the attention of the walkers, which allows everyone to get the advantage over the walkers, in what was a pretty epic montage of people just slashing like crazy. After the montage we see the remaining people in Alexandria all bloody, tired, and beat down hanging out in front of the house with dead walker bodies everywhere. Rick goes in to check on Carl, he tells Carl that he believes now, he believes in what the Alexandrian’s can do, they weren’t ready before but they are ready now. He also believes and understands Dianna’s vision for the future and wants Carl to see it. Carl is able to clinch Rick’s hand just enough to show him that he is aware. What a game changer in so many ways for the people of Alexandria, now they obviously have lots of clean up and rebuilding to do.