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We’ve all had time to draw breath after the big Halloween story line now, and last week was a slightly quieter time on Ramsay Street. There weren’t any major bombshells, but there were a few things that caught my eye, including Gary’s awful, awful cycling jersey. What was that thing? Where did he find it? Can someone put it in the bin, please?

Ned’s Not Getting a Lot of Sympathy

I’m a Ned apologist, so it was pretty obvious I was going to land on his side after the whole Scarlett/Yashvi/cheese knife mess. I totally get Shane and Dipi’s anger towards Ned, especially after he accidentally hit Yashvi, but I really feel like the other residents of Ramsay Street could definitely be a bit more sympathetic towards him. Paul and Terese seemed mildly concerned, and Bea dropped in to see him, but nobody else really seemed to give two hoots that Ned got stabbed. He might have made some poor decisions about Yashvi and Scarlett, but at the end of the day he was a victim as well. He was stalked and manipulated and then stabbed with a cheese knife, so the poor lamb hasn’t had a great time. Normally when something bad happens in Erinsborough, the neighbours are all baking casseroles and bringing empty cups of coffee to the affected parties, but they’re mostly just letting Ned get on with being sad and traumatized by himself on Terese’s sofa.

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Boring Sex Tapes are Apparently Global News

I can totally understand why Amy and Kyle are upset that a video of their night in the hotel was put online, but I’m finding it kind of hard to accept that what is probably quite a tame sex tape from a suburban hotel would constitute global news. But apparently a video of two people in Lassiters bath robes was clearly newsworthy enough to summon Prue to the other side of the globe. It makes me want to check her search history, if I’m quite honest. It sounds like she might have a few niche interests.

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Karl Can’t Like Anything a Normal Amount

It’s not often I relate to Dr Karl, but I feel like we share a trait in common. I also cannot like things a normal amount, so I really love how invested he gets in all his hobbies. He can’t just decide he might quite like to grow durian fruit, he has to almost get arrested smuggling some into the country, and then attempt to erect a giant statue of one. I’ve never built a giant fruit statue, but I do know what it is like to have hobbies and interests that are all-consuming, and I find it a delightful trait in him. Last week he revisited his love of cycling, and rather than just enjoy a bike ride with a few friends, he had to get so involved that he wanted to create a new little gang with an official name, and probably a password and an elaborate secret handshake as well. I love Karl.

They’re Trying to Make Toadie and Elly a Thing

No thank you.