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Harry Dresden is not only a book series. He even had a show made of him! I was so beyond stoked when this happened. I was devastated when it didn’t even last a whole season. I love the life they brought to these characters but was not thrilled with what they did to Murphy looks and story-wise. On the other hand, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what they did with Bob! Terrence Mann brings Bob to life so well I could cry. Paul Blackthorne did equally good at bringing Harry to life.

We open to Harry having a dream of his father. His mother is long dead so all he has had is his father. The dream ends when his father dies. Apparently, he has had a few dreams of his father recently. Bob says that we are reaching dreams and portends.

Harry is approached by a little boy having problems with “monsters” and is afraid they will kill him and his mom. Scott will pay Harry $5,000.00 to find out why. Harry refuses his money and to help while thinking he is helping. When he returns home, Bob says to help the boy. He understands he is reluctant because Bob was mean to him earlier but to please help him. Just as Harry is ready to find the boy, Scott shows up and runs into his arms.

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When Harry takes Scott home he gets to meet his mother. He does a little magic to help protect Scott. Of course, Scott wants to tattoo the sigil on his chest but settles for it on his door. In parting, Harry tells Scott’s mother that she can contact her any time over the troubles he’s having. Unbeknownst to Scott and his mother, the sigil already is working.

Meanwhile, Murphy asks for Harry’s help on a case. It is a completely skinned dead woman. Murphy tell Harry what she found and asks who it could be. Harry offers the name Xipe Totec. The woman is in her home and Harry looks at pictures. He sees who the woman is. He breathes the name and Murphy hears him. She demands the reason he knows the woman. At that moment Harry realizes that Scott and his mother are in danger.

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Harry and Murphy race to their home only too late to save Scott from being taken. While there, Harry found a feather. He takes it home to his lab to find out that the raven clan took him and they are morally neutral. Suddenly, Melissa is there saying she is in trouble. Suddenly Melissa takes all of his protective charms leaving Harry at the Skinwalker’s mercy. It is only Bob that saves him by giving in to her demands for Scott’s whereabouts. As this is going on there is a police investigation looking for Scott. Sheryl, Scott’s mom, tells Murphy that Scott is adopted and that it isn’t quite a legal adoption.

In his way of apologizing, Bob gives Dresden the doom box he has been working on. Dresden wants to use it to be able to exchange power for the boy. The Raven Clan that took Scott is protecting him and keeping him happy with sundaes. Harry finds them and checks them out. Harry tries to convince them that the way they are trying to protect them that it isn’t ideal for Scott. He needs his mother. Harry allows the Aracen Clan to watch Scott without his mother for a little longer so he can deal with the skinwalker. Deal with her he does. Murphy is having a ethics/moral dilemma. Scott was actually adopted illegally. However, he has grown up with Sheryl and knows only him as his mother.

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Who was the skinwalker? How did Harry deal with her? Will Sheryl get to keep Scott? Why was Harry’s dead uncle getting into a car outside? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…