In what is starting to seem to be a common theme for this show, Fear the Walking Dead returned with a 2 episode special. With the backdoor secret deals, the nation are moving in, or moving back in, I guess depending on where you stand on this whole thing, to the ranch. This obviously does not sit well with Troy and his militia, but he goes along with it because it’s his brothers play.

The tension is ramped up to the max at the ranch as neither side trusts each other or wants to even mingle, the pettyness is on the max setting. One of the members of the ranch doesn’t like what is going on, and for some stupid reason, goes to the common food area and shoots a member of the nation. He obviously gets pounced on by membrs of the nation, and this outbreak ruins any trust that Wohler and Jake had with each other so Wohler asks Jake for the key to control all of the guns. He is going to appoint three members of the Nation to hold guns to “keep the piece”, Jake reluctantly agrees. The ranch goes around getting all the guns back which upsets their members even more, until they get to Troy.

Troy refuses to give up his gun and Nick wiggles his way into the house with Troy. Madison, in typical Madison fashion, sticks her nose in everthing and thinks she can do everything, wants to try to talk to Troy, until the nation takes a shot at him. Troy holds his ground and has a fire fight against the nation. He has a number of hidden guns in the house, as the nation keeps getting closer and closer, Nick makes a move on Troy so they both don’t die, both are taken hostage.


Daniel Salazar is either modeling the new Apocalypse wear or keeping an eye out for walkers. Photo Credit: AMC

Meanwhile, with Daniel and the dam, he along with some others go to the town to give water from the water truck to the locals. Daniel keeps his eye out for walkers, but also keeps looking to see if he can locate his daughter. One of his associates catches on and tells him he needs to stop focusing on that. When the walkers get somewhat close, everyone quickly bails for a safe place. Considerably later during another water delivery, someone accuses them of just taking over the dam after the Apocalypse started causing people to try to attack Daniel and the crowd ended up hitting someone in the face with a rock so the water crew quickly loaded up and left the townsfolk for safety.

Back at the ranch, Troy is banished for what he tried to do. Once again, Madison sticks her nose into everything and wants to be apart of the group that leads Troy out, if it was a drinking game everytime Madison gets involved in something she shouldn’t you would be tipsy. Moving on, Nick has to go into solitary as his punishment for being involved in the situation. When Madison and Troy are at the drop off point, Troy ends up killing someone from the nation and threatens to harm Madison. Madison is able to convince Troy to just leave to protect his brother and his people.

Back at the ranch, Madison is snooping around Otto’s study, and finds some notes about the water supply. Jeremiah’s notes suggested that the water would run out very soon. Madison talks with parties from both sides and they agree that a ration system of water is going to happen. Obviously this gets people upset, some members of the ranch had some words for Jake, but Alicia comes in and says her piece, that they need to trust him, he lost his father, and his brother for all of them and he deserves their trust and respect on these difficult situations. They agree and that buys him some time. Madison and Wohler go to look at the supply spot and confirm that it is running out quickly.

Madison and Wohler believe the best bet is to go to the trade bazaar in town and come up with a trade for water. Alicia is given a walkie talkie to talk to them if something bad comes up at the ranch. Nick is at the moment still in solitary. At the bazaar, it is obviously bazaar, it looks like a normal weekend flea market. To get tokens to get inside, pay for parking, typical crook stuff, she turns in the walkie talkie to gain credits. Things obviously are going to get hairy at the ranch. People are accusing others of, ‘double dipping’ going in line, getting their allowance and going back in the line at another time to get a second ration of water. By the this time Nick is out of solitary and hanging around, as people are getting more upset and on edge, Alicia lets it spill that the reason for rations is that the water is running dry and they only have limited supply. Both sides obviously freak out and it’s utter chaos, the members of the nation who are supposed to be keeping the peace shoot a gun to get everyone to stop and say they will be holding the well. Nick stands in the way, as I forgot to mention, the members of the militia look to him as a leader now with Troy gone, and gave him the only gun they had, while saying they are ready to fight if need be. With Nick standing ground, with a gun, others stand in the way of the well, and tells the Nation members they need to stay on their side of the land and he will monitor the well.

Back at the bazaar, minus a walkie talkie of course, Madison and Wohler are close to making a trade for some water, however Madison sees Strand, she, do I need to say it? Gets involved in something that doesn’t concern her, and tries to get involved where Strand appears to be lead somewhere else as a captive. In the moment they end up getting in a fight with the security and have to flee, which breaks the deal and basically black balls them from everyone. Strand has a debt to pay, and they decide to stay the night in Strand’s secret hideout? I’m not quite sure, but in the morning Wohler leaves to try to make peace but ends up captured.

During the time talking, Strand lets Madison know about the Dam an dhow it might be the answer to their water problem. As much as Madison thinks she can solve everything she can’t, Strand has ot pay off his debt by being tied to the outside of the fence that leads into the bazaar with a weapon to kill walkers that approach. Pretty scary stuff.

The members of the militia are thinking of just making a move against the three members of the Nation with guns, they are only armed with one gun and hand weapons. As they are approaching, the Nation sees them coming, but Alicia is helping dig a spot that some members of the nation believe is a water source that they used with sticks. Nick is looking at the house, and looking at the people digging, he decides he is going to try to help his sister and drops his gun and heads over to the hole, other members of the militia look at Nick like he is crazy, but decide they are going to go and help him. The members of the Nation see what is happening, and decide to leave the guns and go and help dig as well. The common need for water is what pulls the powers together.