In the 5th episode of CBS’ hit drama Scorpion, the team heads to Kazakstan where they must disable a soviet era nuclear missile being sold by terrorists. The catch is, they must go undercover on the “Super Fun Guy” movie set and dress up as super heroes to do it! Yes, this episode was just as weird as it sounds.

I’ll start by saying that I did not like this episode at all, so if you were a fan, I apologize in advance — you probably won’t like this review. Even since the promo aired I knew this would be little more than filler before the series gets into it’s real issues in the coming episodes. But even for filler, this episode just seemed thrown together and not really thought through.

With a similar case style as 1×18 Once Bitten, Twice Die, this episode was unimpressive as far as plot goes. But at least with Once Bitten, Twice Die the plot, as outlandish as it was, kept me entertained (Never mind my personal bias against Once Bitten, Twice Die; That episode was a hot mess and nobody will ever be able to convince me that the plot was cohesive). This plot was hard to follow and boring. It was also strange, far-fetched, and devoid of any real genius. It was pretty clear the writers didn’t put their heart into this episode. But still, it does deserve a proper break down, because there were some good moments in there.

The episode starts out with a very emotional moment between Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham) and girlfriend Megan O’Brien (Camille Guaty) in which Megan tells Sylvester that she has to undergo a risky surgery that could cause blindness and aphasia should it go wrong and that she wanted him there when she woke up. It was incredibly sweet that Sylvester chose his dying girlfriend over the film adaptation of his most beloved comic book series. Sylvester seems to be the only guy in this series that’s getting anywhere with his romantic interest. Really, Toby should stop giving Sly advice and start taking it from him instead.

Melvester is about to get a lot more rocky as Megan’s condition is worsening every episode, but these two have managed to pull through some already difficult times and huge emotional moments, so let’s just let them have their peace while they have it.

On the Quintis side of things, this episode was a lot of what the previous four episodes have been — Toby hopelessly in love with Happy and Happy not having any of it. We did get a HILARIOUS scene in which Happy gets stuck hanging upside down from a pipe and Toby attempts to save her but is wholly unhelpful and weird. So then Happy unbuckles her jeans and falls out of them and Toby goes into a hilarious panic mode because Happy is pantless in front of him but he also has to be decent because they are “just friends” now and he doesn’t want to be the jerk we’re used to seeing from him. The defining moment comes at the end of this episode when Happy asks Toby if he wants to help her work on the dollhouse Toby gave her at the end of the last episode and Toby actually turns her down. He goes on to tell Sylvester in a very powerful line about addiction that he can’t be “just friends” with Happy and to get over her completely he must “quit cold turkey”. Yep, that was like a straight stake to the chest for Quintis shippers.

But I do believe that this is nothing to worry about. Toby doesn’t give up so easily. And it will actually be a very interesting dynamic when Toby stops giving Happy his usual attention and she is forced to recognize what she wants and how her true feelings for them have affected her. I think Quintis shippers should actually be excited by this bump in the road because it’s the perfect chance for Happy to speak her mind and actually share some insight to her feelings for once.

And the final ship to be covered, as always, is Waige. Scorpion has recently fallen out of their one-ship-per-episode or ship/plot/ship/plot routine and has actually devoted more time in every episode to the respective ships. But as nice as this sounds, they haven’t been making it easy for shippers. While Walter did open up and tell Paige that she looked very nice in her super hero costume, he has a conversation with Sylvester after Paige compares them to Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Walter asks Sylvester if the relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane ever worked out and Sly had to let him in on some saddening info that the couple never lasted long.

Truthfully I’m not sure where the Waige storyline is headed right now. To me, the Quintis arc seems much more obvious (but we’ll see what with Happy’s big secret and Chet and her father and all). Walter and Paige certainly have an interesting road ahead as Walter decided in the last episode that he wanted to explore a relationship but now it seems as if he’s changed his mind. Ultimately it will be about finding that final push they need to get together. Both Waige and Quintis just seem to be facing a ton of unresolved tension that could probably easily be solved if they just sat down and talked it out. But these geniuses have very little experience with emotional situations and really their all just trying to keep their heads above water and not drown in all their love.

Overall, this episode wasn’t the greatest, but usually that means that episodes to come are thrilling, emotional, and amazing. This episode was pretty funny and had lots of that Scorpion charm that fans love. This episode really felt like a set up for bigger things to go down between all of the characters and that’s really exciting.

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