Photo source: Skylar Shelley/Pixelyrics Photography

When a panel begins with the guest dancing on stage wearing a trench coat, dramatically twirling the coat off, to reveal a tight-fitting TARDIS onesie, you know you’re in for a good time.

“TORONTO! Are you glad I’m back?” John Barrowman greeted the crowd of room 106, with a contagious energy and dramatic entrance that’s made him a legend on the convention circuit.

It didn’t take long for shenanigans to ensue. Barrowman told stories, some new and some old, including the fan favourite about that time his husband Scott “accidentally” appearing naked in the background of John’s Facebook livestream. No matter how many times you’ve heard it, “you’ve just shown 6 million people your cock!” will always be entertaining…

Barrowman’s panel, which did not include a mediator or interviewer, was highly interactive with the audience. Several times, audience members would yell out responses or comments, and Barrowman would respond with something outrageously sassy, and sometimes, even make his way into the audience directly. Thanking an audience member for their comment, Barrowman exclaimed “I’ll do you later…actually I will. Did you see him? He’s pretty hot! I hope he’s hung like a donkey.”

Another prime example of this kind of interaction, was when John was asked who his favourite off-screen kiss was with. Before he had a chance to fully answer, random audience member ran up on to the stage, exclaiming “me!” before ultimately receiving a kiss from John himself.

Questions about Barrowman’s time on Doctor Who and Torchwood were plentiful. He expressed a definite interest in returning to the role of Captain Jack Harkness again, but said that he simply hasn’t been asked to… yet.

Photo source: Skylar Shelley/Pixelyrics Photography

Fans of Barrowman know he is involved in a great deal of musical theatre. To the excitement of many, he revealed that he had been offered the role King George in London’s production of Hamilton: An American Musical, but scheduling conflicts prevented this from becoming a reality. Plus, he noted that “there’s only one song! I’d be going crazy backstage every night!” This did not stop Barrowman from performing a musical number for this panel, however; he ended by singing “Copacabana,” with audience participation. (Still wearing a TARDIS onesie. Just picture that.)

As he prepared to leave the stage, Barrowman glanced at his phone, and announced that Matt Smith sent him a text, saying “see you on the plane, looking forward to a great ride.” The excited and mischievous expression on Barrowman’s face in response to this, was priceless.

All around entertaining, hilarious, sassy, and outrageous, this panel was a favourite for many on Day 2 of Fan Expo Canada 2017. Barrowman had his audience engaged and laughing nonstop, and created memorable moments and ridiculous quotes that will (hopefully) be solidified in the nerd internet community.