#MTLComicCon Day 3

Source: Hasti for The Game of Nerds

The third day at Comic Con was all about my love for Tom Felton & his love for me…shhh let me have this!

Oh man, let me tell you, this day did not start out going my way! I woke up late, screwed up my makeup on the first try and had to go again, there was a f*ckton of traffic on the way to the subway, I forgot to print my photo-op ticket, then I missed my stop because I was playing candy crush.

With all that happening, I was only a few minutes late to the Robin Lord Taylor panel! He talked about Gotham and his process and was just an amazingly adorable ray of sunshine!
~Before shooting, Robin did a lot of research, asking people what kind of physical scar an injury like Penguins would leave on the body, that’s where he developed his iconic limp walk.
~He put a crumpled water bottle in his shoe to always remember to do Penguin’s limp – this season it’s just two stacked quarters.
~He loves this character, had no idea that he would become as important as he has and he likes it better this way, he had no time to overthink the character
~Dying on The Walking Dead was one of his favourite experiences ever; he did his first scene before booking Gotham and wasn’t sure what was happening with his character until they called after he’d booked this show so they could kill him off in that iconic way in season 5.
~He’s a natural blonde!
~RLT said he wouldn’t want to play any other character in that universe
~He’s grateful that the writer/director/producer let him create his own version of this character and didn’t make him rely on the previous film versions.

Source: Hasti for The Game of Nerds

I left the room where Robin’s Q&A was to go back to the entrance of that same room and stand in line for Tom Felton! I WAS GOING TO BE IN A ROOM WITH TOM FELTON! GUYS! I WAS DYING! They played his intro clip full of movies like Planet of the Apes and mini Tom in The King & I and of course Draco Malfoy’s iconic scenes. Then Tom just strolled out before the moderator had a chance to introduce him.
~He was all “I’m so excited to be hear you guys are amazing”
~Tom thought it was unfair that people judge fandoms and the people that participate in fandom are looked down upon, while people can paint their faces and yell at the TV during a football match without anyone questioning them or assuming something is missing in their lives – that’s what inspired him to make his superfan doc.
~The scene where Hermoine punches Malfoy was originally written as a slap; and though in the final version, Emma does a very convincing air punch, during rehearsals, he wanted them to practice and so she slapped him for real, he said he even teared up!
~Someone asked what it was like working with Alan Rickman and the people with wands in the room raised them up in honour. Tom was touched and told some great stories about Alan never breaking character and his dry sense of humour
~once, they were shooting in a field together and waiting in silence, Tom got up the nerve to ask Alan how he was doing and he simply replied “I’ve peaked” – which is so hilarious when you think about it!
~another time, in that scene where they’ve just killed Dumbledore and are all walking out, the director wanted Tom to get really closet to Alan and Alan turned around and said “don’t step on my fucking cape” to which Tom laughed. On the first take, he actually did step on the cape and was terrified of Alan’s poker face reaction.

~Alan also taught Tom about not breaking character for the kids that would come to set; they want to see Snape and Malfoy, not Tom the nice friendly bloke. He said he used to try to hug them and they were so not having it. Rickman would whack them over the head with a notebook and tell them to stand up straight, as Snape. So Felton started taunting them as Draco, saying things like “there’s room for you in Slytherin wink
~Someone asked how he felt about being sorted into Gryffindor when he took the Pottermore quiz & he said it was “utter rubbish”
~He’d like to play Hagrid, Hermoine or Gilderoy Lockhard if he wasn’t Malfoy!
~When asked if he saved anything from the set he said “I DIDN’T steal Draco’s silver ring or his silver tie thing wink

At this point, I had to run out of the room so I could make it to my photo-op with Tom at the hour I was assigned. I look terrible in the picture because it’s hard to look good next to him but it was still such a cool moment, having his hand on the small of my back and hearing him say “hi love” and “cheers mate have a lovely day” SWOONS FOREVER

I think I went to a Summer Glau panel after that, but honestly I was in my post Tom Felton haze and remember very little other than she was the sweetest angel ever!

Source: Hasti for The Game of Nerds

That’s it guys that’s my Montreal ComicCon roundup – I hope you enjoyed these little lists! I know I had the best time at this convention meeting fellow fans, passing out a sh*t-ton of business cards and learning to have fun by myself. Shoutout to the organizers because none of the lines were longer than half an hour and everything was extremely well thought-through.

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