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Episode Synopsis:

“Oliver, Diggle and Felicity disagree with Dinah, Curtis and Rene on how to handle Black Siren. The two teams face off and a fight ensues.” – the CW

“Collision Course” opens with Oliver dealing with the murder of Cayden James, it was an alleged random killing from a prisoner off his meds. We all know that is not the case.

Star City is broke as hell, they need their money back from Cayden James. Too bad the account has been drained and it wasn’t by Oliver Queen, I’m thinking it was Diaz.

Both Arrow teams are struggling to find Anatoly, Diaz and Laurel.

Shockingly, Laurel was the one to take the money, thanks to Felicity they were able to get footage from the bank faster. I thought Laurel was going to turn over a new leaf, but I guess not.

Meanwhile Quentin is nursing a gunshot Laurel in a cabin in the woods.

Ollie wants to use Lance as bait to catch Laurel, unbeknownst to him Lance is protecting her.

Mr. Terrific has some new toys that’ll help find Laurel. Looks like they may figure out Lance is protecting her.

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Uh oh, Thea followed Lance and she now knows he has Laurel. At the same time, it looks like Lance is breaking through to her.

O.G. Team Arrow a step behind the new guys, too bad the newbies mucked up the crime scene and now Team Arrow thinks Dinah has Laurel.

Civil War, Arrow style breaks out in New Team Arrow’s bunker. I’m kind of sick of all their beef. It’s time to kiss and make up. Once they realize Laurel isn’t there, they dip without an apology.

Hot damn, Rene bugged Oliver during their whole ordeal.

Thea confronts Lance, he needs to figure out where the money is. She wants to bring Ollie in. Laurel’s willing to give up the money if Ollie gets her out of the country. Oliver agrees and Team Arrow is off to the cabin which means so is New Team Arrow.

The bug is found and Team Arrow is in the clear for now.

Quentin wants to go with Laurel when she flees. Since Quentin trusts her Ollie does.

New Team Arrow sucks. Curtis hacked into John’s arm implant to track them. Even Rene’s Mr. T reference can’t save them from sucking.

New Team Arrow crashes the party and Civil War 2 breaks out. Decent fight scene but I’m just so uninterested.

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Of course, Dinah catches up to a fleeing Laurel and Lance. Just before Dinah kills Laurel, Curtis stops her from doing it. Laurel uses that time to escape. The teams almost clash again until Rene drops suddenly.

Laurel is in the wind and Rene’s gunshot wound from months ago reopened.

Oliver has to break the bad news to everyone. He has failed the city. To make matter worse Diaz has SCP conspire against Oliver.

Rene’s got a collapsed lung and needs care outside of Star City. Both teams butt heads again this time at the hospital but with just words.

Laurel’s up to something, frantically claiming to a man see was kidnapped 2 years ago. Looks like she may try to assume Laurel Lance of Earth-1’s identity.

This was a total blah episode, arguable the worst episode of the season. I’ve been expecting a higher caliber of episodes this season and this episode did not deliver. Thank Grodd Roy is back next week.

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