My how time has flew, sometimes mid season breaks seem to take forever, this one, with the help of Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty has made the Sunday wait manageable. In an effort to familiarize myself with what we left off on and what we can expect to see I watched the comic con trailer, as well as something else AMC put out on August 30th, a behind the scenes video which gives a little more insight we will touch on today.

No surprise at all, the nation arrives to merge with the ranch. After Otto’s “sacrifice”, as known from the ranch, both sides agree that the land can be shared and they can live together. I don’t quite think anyone expects that to be true, but for now they will try to work together.

Strand is still on his own early on, we see him back against a gate, almost which looks like outside a stadium, fighting for his life as a number of walkers close in on him. Depending on timeline of course, but I think he makes it through as in the trailer we see him with Madison at what we can assume is a temporary shelter. Side note from the trailer, we know that Daniel Salazar and Madison meet up again, he warns her about Strand, but unsure if he sees his daughter at all.

Back at the ranch, the brothers are still thinking that their father sacrificed himself for the “greater good” and helped lead the merge of camps. How long until someone in the know slips up? Walker and his people are gaining more and more power and it is making some of the regulars very uneasy, you can see the split is still very much alive.

Water, as can be expected is a major issue with a shortage or rain, stock and considerably more rations to give out. It’s going to lead to fights, high tension and drama, this you can naturally be led to believe is what finally connects Daniel back to the group when they go searching for water, or go directly to the dam if someone remembers it’s location from before.

Jake is getting weaker and weaker, and in turn with his leadership fading the ranch leans more towards a fight coming. But something I have been screaming for for seasons now, is Alicia is finally going to start stepping up and finding her voice. I’ve mentioned a number of times she has shown a lot more range on a previous show, and I know she could bring more here and it appears we are finally going to see that. Lastly Alicia is afraid that the camp is going to find out the truth, that Nick and Madison are the ones who killed Otto it wasn’t a self sacrifice. Which would obviously mean they need to leave.