It seems like the Boondock Saints will never die.

The story about two Irish American brothers who take it upon themselves to take down the Russian mob in Boston continues to resonate with fans. The film was a critical flop when it came out in 1999 bur has since gained a cult following. In 2009 the film received a sequel off the strength of fan support.

Now, the property is set to hit the small screen by way of a prequel. Titled The Boondock Saints: Origins, director Troy Duffy had this to say:

“A television series is the perfect medium for storytelling inside the world of our beloved blue collar super heroes. The brothers have always been defenders of the people, justice, fairness and the city of Boston. In this sensitive time of human rights unrest, government scandal and civil corruption, there couldn’t be a better moment to re-launch the brothers iconic brand of justice in the Cradle of Democracy.”

 Its unclear how Origins will tell a compelling story for the MacManus brothers since the first film follows the gradual evolution from factory workers to full time vigilantes.  However, there is a lot of history to the father character Noah MacManus (Il Duce). Origins may tell the story of father and sons that was only hinted at in the first film.

Yet, with so little revealed, so far it remains to be seen how this property gets brought back to life and when fans will see the new series.