The Walking Dead kept the foot on the pedal with All Out War making it’s way to The Hilltop. We get the view of what happened after Rick and Negan’s battle. Morgan is one of the lookouts, which we learn are all half a mile apart from the next on the road to The Hilltop. He sees and hears Gavin again, Gavin yells, “you know what it is! You were supposed to” as Morgan cuts the vision short charging and swinging his stick in the air. He is interrupted by a horn, signaling the Saviors are on the way. He gets to his car and blows his horn to continue the warning.

At the Hilltop, Henry sees everyone prepping for the coming war, and he sees a gun and asks if he can have it. Ezekiel tells him to stay and help protect the people in the house. Carol tells him he can’t, if he leaves the house during the fight he will die. In sick bay, a doctor I have never seen before, with some armor on is giving Siddiq the verbal business. Telling him where things go, and asking him what he has done, and saying what he hasn’t done. Siddiq gets enough and gets in face and says people are on the way, and instead of telling him what he can’t do start telling him what to do. She says she likes him, and tells him to get ready.

The Saviors arrive ready to attack at night, but the Hilltop had spike strips in place which slowed down the Saviors. Simon was disappointed he couldn’t drive right through the gates. Simon and Maggie end up having a pissing match competition over the radios. Maggie says they still have 38 Saviors, and she has 38 bullets she will personally deliver into them herself if they do not leave. Simon says that they are on their own for getting themselves captured.

Simon gets a last minute pep talk to his troops that this is their end game, to end the colonies once and for all and not a warning attempt. Daryl comes up from behind with his motorcycle shooting the Saviors, he baits them to follow him as the Hilltop opens the gate so Daryl can get inside, while the Saviors follow, someone drives the bus with a plate for defense as the Saviors vehicle crashes into the side of it. The people inside the Hilltop start shooting the Saviors from the sides. Simon counters with archers shooting arrows from the back of the truck towards the group of Saviors and where Maggie is. The Saviors arrows hit some of their own people. Maggie has the prisoners and lookouts retreat into the mansion after seeing that Negan is not visible in the battlefield.

Tobin is stabbed during the battle, Carol goes over to him for a reunion of sorts, to check on him. He is happy to see her, Siddiq comes over to help with Tobin as Carol gets back into the battle. Siddiq stays over Tobin holding a bandage over his stab wound into place. Simon and Dwight are creeping together, Simon gets eyes on Tara by herself and offers the kill to Dwight who declines. Simon takes point, while Daryl gets eyes from a distance……but never does anything, yells a warning or shoots at them, sees as Simon is about to make his move when Dwight shoots Tara from behind with his arrow. Daryl sees and draws his own conclusions as he is supposed to fall back to the mansion.

With everyone falling back into the mansion, the next phase of Maggie’s plan is in motion, which is to shoot out all the lights inside the mansion, while shooting out all the lights in vehicles and such so nobody can see what is going on. Simon, continues with his guide on how to be a horrible leader, decides that gathering everyone up and whistle as they walk towards the mansion is a good idea, obviously it was horrible, as the Hilltop starts shooting from the second story at the Saviors. It seemed like some horrible shooting, the Saviors start heading back to the trucks when Rick and company come in from the back. Rick gets his murder Rick on and starts taking out people left and right. Morgan is taking out Saviors on his own right, until ghost Gavin comes back telling him, “you know what it is.” Simon, Dwight, and other Saviors are able to make their escape. Maggie ends up by Rick by the gate and says she wanted Negan dead most of all, Rick tells her he wasn’t here, he say him and tried to kill him, he couldn’t but he tried. Maggie thanks him for it.

The next day Daryl is giving Tara a hard time about Dwight, saying he tried to kill her, and he is back with the Saviors. Tara keeps insisting that Dwight saved her earlier, and that all is forgiven, even after killing her girlfriend. She doesn’t like him and never will but they are even. Rick is putting the house back together when him and Michonne finally get a chance to talk, Rick explains why he tired to kill Negan and why he had to.


Maggie takes a hard look at the cost of war. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Hilltop are burying their dead when Maggie lets one Savior have the ability to bury their dead outside of the wall with a guard. He says he isn’t one of them but happy to see they are being buried like a human. Maggie is told she is a good leader, she saved the people, and the community, if Gregory was in charge none of this would happen. Maggie says she wanted Negan dead and for him to see Glenn’s grave as the last thing he saw, she is upset over the number of dead and that Negan is not in that pile of bodies. I worry about Maggie’s blind rage getting in the way of being sensible.

In the sick bay, Tobin and Carol are having another heart to heart. Tobin is a shooter, still taking shots to get with Carol. He asks if she is planning on leaving again after the fighting is over, this is where they don’t agree, Carol thinks that the fighting is never over. In the mansion, we quickly see that Henry found himself an unoccupied automatic weapon, here comes a bad decision. The Hilltop is getting ready for bed, they are all staying together inside the mansion, it is one giant sleepover.

Fast forward back to the sick bay, Tobin is not doing so great, and around 3:28 am is when the chaos starts. Someone else in sick bay makes some noise and his, which I presume friend wakes up and looks to go find the doctor. Walker Tobin has stealth somehow and sneaks up on the man.


Tonight we dine, on flesh. Walker Tobin went literally beast mode on the residents of the Hilltop. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The snappy tongued doctor was making her rounds around the compound, when she arrives back at sick bay she sees a pool of blood, while looking at it walker Tobin strikes! Tobin, the doctor, and the other two men in the sick bay make their way to the mansion. The mansion has the door open for air and they start to come inside, a member of the compound on the second floor dies and comes back. He falls down the stairs and nobody wakes up, I find this hard to believe, I snore myself awake sometimes, but somehow with walkers making noise and a walker falling nobody wakes up until a walker bites someone. It’s pandemonium, Siddiq has Rick cut off someone’s bit arm, and Rick does it like he is passing the salt at dinner time with no emotion.


The group gets a chance to focus on who was a walker to realize it was one of their own who wasn’t bit. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Walker Tobin was still on a frenzy, in another room now, someone was sick on a bed, with someone watching over him, trying to fight off Tobin. Carol comes in, and realizes it’s Tobin, and has to stab him in the head, she can’t catch a break. Daryl, Rick and Maggie come in, they all realize that he wasn’t bit and turned, and the walkers were their own people. The person on the bed says he knows what it is, it’s the fever that gets them and makes them turn, and he can’t kill himself someone else has to do it. This is when they realize the warfare the Saviors used and everyone hit with a weapon has turned.

The group goes to where Enid, Rosita and Tara are at. They break the news about their findings to Tara, who all in all takes it relatively well. I guess at that point what can you really do about it?

During the same time of that action, at the pen where the Saviors were captured, Henry goes to talk to Gregory with the gun. He asks who killed his brother, and Gregory knows nothing about that. Gregory tries to nicely talk Henry out of the gun which didn’t happen, a Savior wakes up and tells Henry that killing won’t take the pain away long term, trust him. The talking ends up waking another, the one who did kill Henry’s brother. Henry, unlocks the pen to get inside for some strange reason. He says he wants the truth, someone needs to step up and be a man or he is going to count to 10 and start shooting. The yelling in the mansion causes a distraction, as does one of the Saviors turning and biting another Savior create enough distraction where Henry starts shooting, but is body checked by a Savior, knocking him down and getting his gun. He tells everyone they can escape as the pen is open, everyone takes off, leaving Henry on the ground.

After the mansion is taken care off, they come outside, one of the Saviors saves Siddiq from a walker as Maggie approaches. She asks him why he is outside, Siddiq said he went to go check on the Saviors but the pen is open. Maggie asks the Savior where is everyone else? He says some ran wherever, some stayed, and they are over there trying to push the gate closed from walkers. Others decided to go wherever, he and others stayed after seeing what they meant to the Saviors and are not apart of them.

As we hit morning everyone is looking for Henry, in houses, in cellars, all over the place, Enid comes and tells Ezekiel and Carol that the Saviors told her he went to the pen and what happened. How when they left he was in the pen and now he isn’t. Carol says I told him what would happen if he comes out. Morgan hangs back a little bit as the others head towards the pen. We end with Gavin talking to Morgan again saying, “You know what it is!” Honestly, at this point, I have no idea what it is but sure am curious.


Gavin, “you know what it is!” Me, “bro just spit it out I don’t know what it is!” Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC