SDCC 2016 News: Saturday Edition

Only one more day left until SDCC is over! But don’t worry we have all the 411 on what went on today!

* Once Upon a Time will be introducing an Aladdin storyline!

Legends of Tomorrow revealed that Jonah Hex is returning for season 2.

* Brie Larson is officially Captain Marvel!


* Fantastic Beasts released another trailer which gives us a deeper look into the movie and some new creatures!

* The makers of Pokémon Go are thinking that some sort of game of thrones/risk type hybrid idea will be their next mobile game!

* The Kong: Skull Island trailer is HUGE!

* Warner Brothers gave us the Wonder Woman trailer we’ve been waiting for, and surprised us with Justice League!


* We got a sneak peek into the new X-Men Universe with Fx’s Legion.

* Blindspot star Joe Dinicol will be in a recurring role in Arrow Season 5 as villain Ragman.

* Doctor Strange showed us multi dimensions in the newest trailer!

* Surprise! There is going to be a Blair Witch sequel!


Author: thegameofnerds

Where there us is no shame in having an unhealthy obsession about a fandom!

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