The voice cast of Bob’s Burgers was interviewed by the creator and executive producer of the show, Loren Bauchard. This panel disclosed a lot of information about the upcoming new season in the fall, the movie, and some of the hard work done behind the scenes.

Let me tell you, it has been hard missing out on so many conventions this year, but thankfully creatives have still made an amazing experience for fans. Executive Producer of Bob’s Burgers Loren Bouchard made this panel very welcoming by setting a calm yet exciting tone for the viewers. The voice cast was also joined by Janelle Momary (Supervising Producer) and Nora Smith (Screenwriter). Each member opened up about their experience working from home and it seemed like it really affected Kristen Schaal (Lousie Belcher). Kristen has a very bubbly personality and was very vocally animated about her need to get out of the house. I can tell that she is a little extroverted from her interaction with the cast. The rest of the cast seemed unfazed by the new lifestyle adaption besides the obvious lack of personal intimacy between them and fans. The cast also expressed how working from home is nothing like working together in the studio.

Nonetheless, each individual has worked hard to make season 11 happen for the fans in a time where everything is being canceled. I loved that Loren praised Janelle and Nora for keeping production going during the pandemic. The cast had to get used to recording in their soundproofed offices and or closets. From the clips that were shown of the new season, it worked out phenomenally. This made me more thankful for the show because the entire team could’ve gone on hiatus, but they’re still serving us animated burgers. The short clips made me more excited to watch the new season especially since the producers are working on making the show more inclusive for women voice actors. Another thing to love about Loren. He actually accepts feedback and criticism to make Bob’s Burgers enjoyable for the audience.

    The production team wants to break the stale mold of voice acting aesthetics by bringing more women on the show. Loren proceeded to acknowledge all of the women he plans to utilize making the show more inclusive. Compared to the previous season, the show has improved on including female voice actors. Nora intends to prove that female animated characters can be just as funny as males. I loved that Kristen spoke up about this topic. I believe that she would like to show that women can be just as versatile with their voices as men. When the show first aired back in 2011, I was shocked to see that majority of the cast was voiced by males except for Louise. Kristen also made the challenge of finding women who can voice male characters for the show. When she brought this up, I instantly thought of Regina King who voiced both Riley and Huey from The Boondocks. That’s how I know it’s possible.

The cast also discussed The Bob’s Burgers movie that is set to premiere on April 9, 2021. I’m ecstatic that it’s set to premiere next year because of the many disappointments that I’ve been left with because of 2020 movie cancellations. Let’s just hope that the movie theatres will available so that fans can enjoy the movie. The cast didn’t disclose too much information about the movie like the new season probably because it isn’t that close yet. Hopefully, we will get more information about the film leading up to the premiere date. I could tell from the excitement of fans in the chatroom, that they’re looking forward to the new season and movie. My favorite question from this panel was “What happened to Mr.Fischoeder’s eye?”. I loved this question because it was something that I never thought about while watching the show. The answer to this question was actually answered in song on one of the previous episodes, something that I also didn’t pay attention to until Loren brought it up.

To watch more details from this panel watch the video below.