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With Preacher knee deep in its second season, fans were excited to hear more about what to expect from the upcoming episodes of the season. Luckily for them, executive producer Seth Rogen was there alongside the main cast to answer questions and discuss character motivations. Following is a summary of what the best tidbits were:

  • The panel began with a bang as an actual New Orleans Dixieland band walked out and performed “When the Saints Go Marching In”.
  • Seth Rogen stated being able to do the show the way he wanted was “like a childhood dream come true” and that “we would have been so mad if someone else got to do it!”

Source: Gamespot

  • Dominic Cooper, who plays Jesse, explained that we’ll be seeing more of Jesse’s dark side in the coming episodes. His past will also catch up to him as foreshadowed in the past few episodes regarding his mother’s side of the family.
  • Seth Rogen has stopped himself from cameoing in the series thus far, but feels that there is a certain someone down the line that he’d be interested in portraying.
  • Ruth Negga’s approach to playing Tulip is to just be human. Everyone has imperfections and she tries to display them in Tulip. “I don’t think she’s ever tried to fit in,” Ruth added discussing why Tulip always prefers to do things alone than with Jesse or Cassidy’s assistance.
  • Graham McTavish joked about his character, The Saint of Killers, and how “he is a man with singularity of purpose.” It’s only to kill the Preacher in order to see his family again, there are no bribes or offers that will stop him from getting what he wants. “I do feel bad for anybody who acts opposite me because they end up dead.”

Source: Gamespot

  • Seth Rogen explained that Herr Starr is “one of the most badass men on the planet.” This was followed with a sequence shown where Herr Starr goes through training to join the Grail, the order that has been following Jesse in recent episodes. Pip Torrens, the actor who portrays Starr stated “he’s a highly therapeutic character to play.”
  • Julie Ann Emery, who was previously seen deceiving Jesse, claimed her character Lara Featherstone is highly capable and a zealot. For her, “There is no line to cross.”
  • Accents were a big topic of the panel as Seth Rogen claims he didn’t realize Joseph Gilgun was doing a different one than his normal while playing Cassidy. Dominic Cooper also revealed his inspiration for Jesse’s accent is Kyle Chandler as Coach Taylor in Friday Night Lights.

The panel also included the premiere of a new trailer for the remainder of Season 2, focusing on the Saint of Killers’ continued assault on Jesse as well as Herr Starr’s introduction into the series as a new thorn in Jesse’s side. Also looks like the love triangle of Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy will continue *sigh*

Preacher is on Mondays at 9/8c only on AMC.