Younger – Forged In Fire

"Younger" Ep. 403 (Airs 7/12, 10pm ET/PT)
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Kelsey might be open to eventually forgiving Liza and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

In episode 3, Kelse starts out more furious than ever at Liza, going as far as treating her like an incompetent assistant, ignoring her research for the exclusive networking event Millennial was invited to, & questioning her work and her experience in front of Charles & Diana, who were thinking about promoting Liza!

When Diana notices that Kelsey is being weird, she immediately takes Liza out to lunch and offers to be a sounding board for her & gives her valuable advice about fixing whatever is going down with Kelsey for the sake of her career. Trout has the best of intentions but she gets distracted when she spots Richard’s ex-wife and forgets all about Liza’s drama. The ex-wife laughs in her face – rude and gross – because Richard had said he was leaving her to date models, and she does not see D as one. Diana talks to Dick about it though and they sort it out.

"Younger" Ep. 403 (Airs 7/12, 10pm ET/PT)
Photo Courtesy of TVLand

In Brooklyn, Maggie is meeting up with Josh to return his stuff – including his leather jacket. They meet up at the coffee shop where Montana works and she & Josh immediately have sparks (duh, what 2 hot people don’t have sparks when they interact). It’s no surprise to anyone then that at the end of the episode, she & Josh hookup. This would be a victimless crime except that Montana comes to work at Maggie’s the next day in Josh’s leather jacket, not knowing the can of worms she’s about to open.

Let’s get back to Bonfire, the exclusive publishing networking party with no wifi. Kelsey keeps pushing Liza to be #YOUNG & #FUN all night, which means drinking to excess and not talking to anyone for more than a few minutes. Liza ends up overdoing it, fighting with Kelse, throwing up in a plant, and giving her business card to a publisher from a competing company out of spite. This guy wants to develop a Gen Y imprint at his publishing house and tries to recruit Liza earlier in the night. (it’s really important to note that they play fuck marry kill with Jane Austen (fuck), Charlotte Brontë (marry) & Virginia Wolf (she wouldn’t be happy either way so Kill) and his answers are perfect)

"Younger" Ep. 403 (Airs 7/12, 10pm ET/PT)
Photo Courtesy of TVLand

The next morning, as everyone is hungover and driving away into a land with cell reception, Liza sees that she has a shit-ton of missed calls and messages from Caitlin. She pulls over and calls her daughter in a panic to learn that she had to have emergency surgery because her appendix burst. Liza immediately jumps into mama bear mode, gets to the airport and home to her baby. it’s also lovely to see Kelsey go right into protective best friend mode. She covers for Liza at the office and goes back to Charles to back the promotion, adding that homegirl deserves a raise & even offering to take a pay cut.

See what I mean, they’re gonna be friends again!!! It’s very exciting!!! Let’s hope her nice streak doesn’t end when Liza is back at work next week, check back in with us to find out.

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