When I first moved to the middle of nowhere, USA, I remember the feeling of dread that washed over me due to the lack of entertainment options. You see, I was raised in the City of Sin, where you could be anywhere within 30 minutes; now, I’m about an hour away from a major metropolis. I was thrilled when I found the con Mad Monster Party and have been attending it every year since.

The con is excellent, I love seeing all the horror memorabilia and cosplays; however, there is one booth I  cling to I’d even go so far as to say it’s the reason I keep attending Mad Monster Party. It’s nondescript, just a laidback dude selling DVD copies of movies he creates with his pals. That movie series that I adore so much is entitled, Bloodsucka Jones.

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Source: Bloodsucka Jones Facebook

I have previously shared the tale of Bloodsucka Jones here; however, I’ll share a short overview of the series I adore a little too much. Bloodsucka Jones follows the story of David (Justin Armao) and his beautiful girlfriend, Christine (Jessica Dercks). It turns out, Christine and her brut of a brother, Steward (Matt Kelly), are vampires. Steward isn’t a fan of David and sends waves of his vampire buddies to take David out. Fortunately for David, after a string of unfortunate events, he enlisted the help of the world’s most excellent vamp hunter and resident cool guy Bloodsucka Jones (Preston Grant) and his badass associate Vanessa (Maria Canapino).

You may be wondering why I am recounting the tale of my favorite movie? Well, Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death, part two of this hilarious series, is now available on Amazon Prime Video! That’s right, you too can watch the Bloodsucka Jones series from the comfort of your living room. These movies hit the spot in terms of horror-comedy, and with the need for in-home entertainment increasing, I highly recommend giving it a view. From one horror fan to another, all that’s left to say is you will dig it.