Photo Source: ITV

Last week on Broadchurch, we started the hour with no strong suspects and ended the episode with two:

Ian Winterman, Trish’s Husband (separated), and Lucas the creepy cab driver.

While it is clear that Ian loves Trish, he loves her in a twisted sort of controlling way. He doesn’t like how much she drinks and smokes, and he really doesn’t like that she’s been sleeping around while they’ve been separated–even though he has a girlfriend of his own. At first it seemed like he may be a little too meek to be a threat, but last week he revealed to Jim Atwood that he lied to the police. He blacked out at the party and doesn’t remember anything he did after 10. Is it possible, in a blacked out state, that he could’ve planned such a violent attack? Complete with the the blue rope, gag, and a condom? That’s sort of hard for me to believe. Then again, he could be lying about blacking out, too. He could use that as an excuse for not being in his right mind.

Lucas is also a liar. He lied about his whereabouts the night of the rape and he lied about how well he knew her. We also found out that he’s married and he’s cheated on his wife repeatedly. But his wife is very spiritual and pretty pitiful and doesn’t want to break her vow to him. They don’t even sleep in the same bed, though. Another important thing we learned about is that he had big plans to be a lawyer in college, but his girlfriend (now wife) became pregnant with her ex’s baby. He vowed to take care of the baby even though it wasn’t his. Obviously a lot of resentment built up. We also found out in the final moments of the episode that this couple’s son is the troubled boy who’s been looking at porn with Tom! Shady. Shady.

During all of the investigation chaos, Trish received messages from an anonymous source threatening her–then, at the end of the episode, she received a bouquet with a note that said “thinking of you”…eek!

Meanwhile, Mark Latimer continues his downward angry spiral. He refuses to let go of the injustice that Joe Miller was able to walk free for Danny’s murder. His persistence in pursuing another case against Joe is pushing his family away. Beth seems to be so far in the other direction–like she’s totally pushed the memory of Danny out of her life. Neither parent is coping in the most healthy way. Not that there is really a good precedent for coping with the death of a child. I still think it’s really possible that they’ll turn to Paul and God for guidance.

Who knows what Hardy and Miller will uncover this week!