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Season 7 of Game of Thrones premieres on July 16th, meaning (FINALLY) we are less than a month away from the hotly anticipated premiere. We don’t know too much about the plots of the coming season, but luckily I am a vigilant internet stalker, and I’ve been able to piece together some things we can expect:

1. Jon Snow won’t be vying for the Iron Throne–it won’t surprise anyone to hear that Jon is much more interested in stopping white walkers than claiming some clunky throne. So fans are theorizing that Jon will pledge allegiance to Daenerys in exchange for all of the dragon glass on Drangonstone (her REAL home).

2. Bran may take down the wall–is it possible that Bran’s mark from the Night’s King may break the magical hold on the wall?

3. Daenerys will spend time on Dragonstone before charging King’s Landing. (This is obvious–I’m sorry, guys, there’s not much out there!)

4. Ed Sheeran’s part will be teeny–but possibly with Arya?! This would make sense, because Maisie Williams loves him.

5. While the season will be short, some of the episodes will be super sized:

Episode 1- 59 Minutes

Episode 2- 59 Minutes

Episode 3- 63 Minutes

Episode 4- 50 Minutes

Episode 5- 59 Minutes

Episode 6- 71 Minutes

Episode 7- 81 Minutes

6. It’s been confirmed by several GoT actors that the pace of this season will be much quicker than it’s been in the past, the main characters will get most of the screen time, and it’s the most action packed season yet.


…okay, is winter here yet?!