Everything is happening, with little to no results as it turns out.


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First off, Leonard and Penny break it to Sheldon that Leonard is moving across the hall to Penny’s apartment.  This does not bode well with Sheldon, and he copes by interviewing potential roommates, tweeting Chris Pratt, and reverting his whole lifestyle to the year 2003, which according to him was the year he met Leonard.

Leonard is also adjusting to life after living with Sheldon for the past 12 years, until Penny reminds him that he can adjust the thermostat, pee, and eat whatever and whenever he wants too.  Seeing that both parties are missing each other, Penny suggests that they go back to the way things were, and the two happily agree.

At the comic book store, Stuart is looking for a band to play a couple times a week so the store can have a “staying in business vibe”.  Howard and Raj jump at the chance and form a band.  They write and perform the song “Thor and Doctor Jones”. Even though, according to Raj’s girlfriend Emily and Stuart, you can’t dance to the song, it is still pretty awesome and epic.


Source: CBS // The Big Bang Theory

Other than “Thor and Doctor Jones”, the episode was lukewarm at best.  Neither of the two main storylines moved the plot line along and I kind of felt sorry for Sheldon who has been getting the short end of the rope ever since this season began.  I hope they can resolve some things (Sheldon, Amy, and the engagement ring????) soon so we can go along with the story and laugh at Sheldon instead of feeling sorry for him.  Let’s just hope things turns around. Until next episode…..