After news broke that Chris Messina would be credited as a recurring guest star in season 5 (and no longer be a series regular), fans of The Mindy Project were worried that we might not see Dr. Castellano anymore or that this meant the end of the Danny & Mindy relationship.

But have no fear because Mindy Kaling herself is here to ease your pain. Speaking with E! Online, she stated that she doesn’t want to scare people off, that Danny is built in to the fabric of the show and that fans “will not miss Danny because he’s going to be there. We would never do that to the audience, so people don’t have to worry about it.”

Kaling credits Hulu and the creative freedom she’s been given, as well as Messina’s love of drama & angst for the realer & darker direction the show has gone this year; she also reveals that the last episodes of the season are very “Danny-heavy”

Be sure to check our the full article on E! & watch the cute video with Mindy & Matt at the end!