“Anna Mae”

We knew HTGAWM would go out with a bang for the season finale…we just didn’t know HOW meta that bang would be!

While the cat’s away, the mice will play-or so the saying goes. Unfortunately for Annalise Keating’s interns, playtime turned into worrisome time with Annalise visiting home. Ahhh, home. Home for Annalise is her mother’s place, with the amazing Cicely Tyson once again guest starring. We see Annalise reacting to stress at home in much the same way she does at home. She sleeps. She drinks. She snaps on her people. It boils over when she blurts out to her mother that she wasn’t a mother because her baby died. City Tyson deserves an Emmy for her facial expression in that scene by itself. A mother finding out her own daughter didn’t say anything about a pregnancy is a betrayal and devastating at the same time. Their scene together in laying the “shadow of the baby” to rest deserves all of the awards. The tears, the emotion, the resolution was beautifully done by Viola Davis and Cicely Tyson.

Back in Philly, the interns find out whom the rat is in the D.A.’s office. Pretty-eyed Caleb Hapstall was NOT missing and was NOT kidnapped by Phillip. He was playing the gang the entire time. As Annalise returns home, we flashback to Phillip giving up the goods.on Caleb. He DID kill his parents and his aunt-and Phillip had the receipts (in the form of Caleb’s FitBit). We won’t even unpack the fact that Caleb and sister Catherine were engaging in sibcest the entire time (yuck). When last we see Caleb, his pretty visage is deader than a doorknob in the bathtub, wrists slit. The pretty die young.

This entire episode was jam packed with twists and turns but finding out Frank-FRANK-was the one who caused Annalise’s car crash and baby’s death was a game changer. Bonnie telling Annalise that Frank had no choice and didn’t know, didn’t sway Annalise. She banishes Frank and he’s MIA at the end of the episode…

Which concludes with Wes meeting his biological, racist father and the racist hedgefunder being shot in the head.

Ooooooh boy! We have 6 months of whodunit before we get answers. Let’s hold each other up with theories, as a family.