Warning, this review is of an Ok K.O. episode that was released on the Cartoon Network app but has yet to air on television so be aware there are spoilers.

Good news fans, Cartoon Network has announced that this episode, along with several others, is set to air on television. Be sure to tune in May 19, 2019 to support the show and see the episode for those who couldn’t when it was released on the app. Many of the other released episodes will be airing at a later date so be sure to be on the lookout.

First off, this episode, “Soda Genie”, was kind of… yeah compared to the other episodes (although I had mad love for its small references to the Ace Attorney Series- a personal favorite) but it had its moments of interest. In this cluster release, I would say this episode was the most filler like but the humor mixed with face-palm potential is the main reason to watch.

This is the first episode after the P.O.I.N.T. Prep arc so we find Enid, Rad and K.O. back at the bodega in the back room throwing away old stock. K.O. then happens to stumble upon an apparent off brand pack of soda called Citrus Twisty. After some back and forth, K.O. gets dared to drink the substance but, being the little sweet heart he is, decides he wants to read the nutrition facts (I may not be a food expert but that label probably wont help with a soda that is 6 to 11+ years old). Upon rubbing to get a better look, Citrus Twisty, the soda genie, pops out of the bottle with the promise to grant three wishes.

Enid, being a witch from a monster family (although she studies to be a ninja), almost immediately reorganizes the classic genie trick and warns her co-workers of the dangers associated with making wishes. Despite the fresh twist on this classic genie scenario, instead of making his well thought out wish, K.O. impulsively phrases a wish  that ends with Rad turning into a burger. Citrus Twisty reveals their true motivation is the punish the bodega for imprisoning her for all the years she were stored in the back.

OK KO Soda Genie (Scene 4)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Wanting to help their friend regain his form, Enid takes Citrus Twisty to court where judge Wally the White (a previously seen character) presides over the case. Each side makes their argument and gives a recount of events but neither appears to make any progress with the judge. Twisty and Rads account of events are not at all accurate but when K.O. tries to give a true relay of events Twisty starts to get rough. Eventually, a fight breaks out which finally prompts Judge Wally to make a decision based on random selection as it appeared to me. He sentences Citrus Twisty to seventy years in jail much to the trios shock and disagreement.

OK KO Soda Genie (Scene 3)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Feeling pity for Citrus Twisty, K.O. uses his second wish to release her (I’m assuming its a her at this point) not only from her cell but confinement as a genie. In a twist some probably saw coming, Twisty states that as a freed genie she no longer is required to grant wishes thus leaves Rad as a burger. The episode comes to a conclusion with no true resolution or information coming to light.

While this episode had its moments of entertainment, it was more or less a repeat on the classic genie plot which felt odd given it was right after such an important arc that took Enid away from the plaza for a decent amount of time (I only assume months because of the mega football game and final exams). I also found it strange that Twisty felt such a strong need to punish our three heroes when they didn’t even work at the bodega when she was shoved in the back- seems like a problem to take up with the previous employees. To top it all off, Wally, the wizard that turned Enid into stone with the intent to keep her like that for being a rude teenager, was some how made the voice of justice in this episode (ironic). The main highlight that made this episode special was its reference to a certain video game series (fans of said series will recognize it instantly). Sadly, I cant say this episode is one of my favorites but I hope to see Twisty in the future if only to build on her character or to add a fizzy element.

Thanks again to all those reading out there, I’ll be writing more about the recent releases so be on the look out. There has also been news of a Halloween special being released in October so be sure to watch it when its released. Stay Nerdy!