Master Of None – The Dinner Party

Master of None - Season 2
Netflix / Universal Television

In episode 5, Master of None shows us Dev’s job, brings Francesca back, and takes us all to a fancy dinner at Jeff Pastore’s house.

First things first, Brian and Arnold visit Dev at work because they are huge Jabbawockeez fans! Remember those guys? America’s Next Best Dance Crew or whatever? They’re on this episode, part of a weird comic gag that doesn’t exactly land. This does allow us to see Dev’s world, the banality of his job, how bored he is in it, etc.

His boss, Jeff Pastore (picture Anthony Bourdain hotter/more Bobby Cannavale-ier) invites him over for a dinner party and tells him to bring someone. Dev isn’t sure who to take to this thing; things with Priya aren’t going that great – they talk a lot about water, it’s disastrous really.

Master of None - Season 2
Netflix / Universal Television

Luckily, Francesca is in town and we enter the D&F romcom – though I’m not sure anyone super ships these two together; she’s with someone, lives many miles away, and also doesn’t really have a personality. Anyway, after some fun times at the Brooklyn Museum and some catching up, Dev invites her as his plus one.

She’s certainly a great and charming dinner guest, Jeff is completely obsessed with her, and everyone keeps remarking about how obsessed with her Dev is. (again, I don’t get it, whyyyyyyyy Dev?!)

They have a dope time, John Legend makes a cute cameo as himself and sings for not long enough. We learn about Ravi’s new business venture with Anoush, and Dev & Francesca get to flirt some more.

At the end of the night, she gets out at her hotel and the show artfully keeps the camera on Aziz Ansari, as we watch him process every moment in silence on hiss way home, such a real moment on a show that sometimes feels a little unreal.

Master of None - Season 2
Netflix / Universal Television



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