I couldn’t help but laugh at the obsurdity of the scene at the start of the epsiode. The way DEO Agents, Supergirl, and Mon-El encountered Julia Freeman, innocently listening and singing along to music….I can relate to the fear that comes when someone pokes me on the shoulder as I listen to music.

After Purity attacked, J’onn was able to subdue her with handcuffs. The sonic blasts emitted by Purity injured Kara, but of course, the fear expressed by Julia bothered her most.

I live for any moment when Lena Luthor gets to show off her fashion sense. She encourages Sam to take some time off, to give her best worker some time with her daughter while she struggles with whatever sickness is burdening her. Becoming Reign.

Alex is terrifying when she threatens Purity, and it’s so much of a turn on. Chyler Leigh is gorgeous and performs exceptionally well in this role.

Winn nerding out over anything in the show is heartwarming. When he goes with J’onn and Mon-El to retrieve a battery the Legion needs to jump start their ship, all his attempts to touch and examine J’onn’s Bel-Air are foiled by the DEO Director. But the dynamics between J’onn and Winn have grown so well over the past few seasons. They’re comfortable enough to bicker between each other without consequence.

Sam and Ruby play hooky together while ice skating. Theirs is a relationship which perfectly depicts the dynamics between mother and daughter, showing the friendship and the power dynamic evenly. And I admire anyone who’s capable of ice skating, as I myself don’t balance well on anything other than flat shoes. I’m much better never to ice skate or roller skate so as to avoid embarrassing myself by stumbling in public.

Kara and Alex continue to question Purity, aka Julia, while the Wordkiller remains contained in the holding cell. The pale blue contacts Purity wears creeped me out a bunch, especially since any close-up seems to show the woman never blinked. My skin is tingling just thinking about it.

Kara seems able to peel back Purity’s layers when she brings up Vinita, Julia’s roommate at the Cinncinati Conservatory. For a few fleeting moments, it seems as though Julia tries to speak. But the moment fades when Purity threatens to tear open everyone’s insides…gross.

Alex seems to take the bait each time Purity speaks. Alex is exacerbated that they’re not treating Purity as a Worldkiller, who’s “just meat and bones”. It seems the compassionate method is finished, and Alex goes in firm. Purity can see what Alex’s feeling, wanting to hurt the other woman because of her breakup with Maggie.

The gleeful way that antagonists treat their adversaries enthralls me as a viewer and a writer. I love watching scenes like these.

Imra gets the cold shoulder from Mon-El as he tries to get the battery working on the Legion’s ship. She’s better off without her grouchy husband anyway. It was interesting to witness Mon-El’s Martian moonshine-fueled conversation with J’onn J’ones. I am sick of hearing about Mon-El’s pining for Kara. Mostly due to the fact that I didn’t appreciate the depiction of Mon-El and Kara’s relationship last season.

“You are not a criminal because you have complicated feelings.” -J’onn J’onns gives us the best life advice.

Of course, the episode couldn’t continue without the Kryptonia Crystal activating, shutting down power at the DEO, leading to Purity’s escape and Reign’s breaking through to Sam’s mind, as she disappears from her skating with Ruby. I can’t believe Ruby handles this many disappearances and weird behaviors by her mother so well. I’d be furiously worried for Sam all the time.

Purity ends up saving Alex against Reign, and the fight between the Worldkillers was epic.

Lena’s understanding of Sam’s condition, as Reign takes over and causes blackouts, is essential in future episodes in terms of understanding Reign. But she was overstepping her bounds when Lena told Ruby about Sam’s medical issues. Let’s hope the trust can be returned when Lena better examines Sam in a contained setting. Sam deserves answers, and peaces from the episodes Reign creates. If I had that many blackouts without consuming drugs or alcohol, I’d be terrified. I wish I had the work ethic Sam has and the ability to maintain everyday life while battling a bizarre condition. Brava Sam Arias, Brava.