Alright my fellow Teen Wolf nerds. This past week was extra exciting because we got two full hours of one of our favorite shows. That’s right, MTV aired back-to-back episodes for our viewing pleasure. We’ve got double the material to cover, so let’s dive right in.

Teen Wolf season 6, episode 14 starts with an extra creepy (and extra gross) scene to set the mood. Aaron, the lacrosse player who encouraged Nolan to out Cory as a supernatural being in the library, enters the morgue and approaches the mysterious, gooey, red, DNA-less, crazy scary, body we’ve been waiting to learn more about. And what he does next had me screaming, “No!” at the television screen.

What could make something already so terrifying even worse? Spiders. Lots and lots of spiders pouring out of Aaron’s mouth and onto the the dead thing’s lack-of-face – hence the name of the episode, “Face-to-Faceless.”

When the horror of the spiders finally ends, Aaron topples to the ground dead. Oh, and you know that creepy-ass body? Definitely not dead anymore! Yeah, that’s right. The thing sits up on the table and the scene goes dark.

“Face-to-Faceless” also introduces us to a new character, though we’re made to believe her time on the show will be fleeting. To demonstrate just how freaked out (and blood thirsty) the citizens of Beacon Hills are, we witness a small group of them surround and threaten her. They’ve bitten off more than they can chew, however, as she turns out to be a werewolf and kicks their collective, murderous butts. But the scene’s not over. Up rolls a deputy to finish saving the day, only her take on “saving the day” is more like shooting our latest werewolf girl squarely in the head.

Now we jump to Scott, in all his fatherly, pack-leader glory trying to convince Liam to get out of bed and go to school. His take on Liam’s exposure at the end of last week’s episode? “Pretend like nothing happened,” and it’ll blow over. While this scene is sweet and shows just how much Scott as grown since the beginning of the series, he couldn’t be more wrong.

Liam’s first day back is anything but pleasant. He’s not only being stared at by his school-mates, but hunted down and attacked by them too. Nolan, on a mission to ensure everyone at Beacon Hills High School sees Liam in all his wolfed-out glory, starts by getting the lacrosse players to vote him off the team. This initial confrontation is interrupted by Coach Finstock, who seems oddly unaffected by the fear that’s spreading throughout the town.

As the day progresses, it becomes more and more difficult for Liam to avoid the growing gang of students out to get him. An attempt to escape lands him in one of the worst possible places – Monroe’s office. Fortunately, the encounter doesn’t turn out too bad. In fact, he even realizes that she’s the new hunter on the prowl and is able to get the news to Scott.

His day doesn’t get any better, however, and the violence comes to a head when Nolan’s crew end up cornering him in a classroom. And man does he take a beating! It’s obvious he’s struggling not to shift, but he amazingly (especially for him) keeps his cool the whole time.

Ultimately, the throttling is interrupted, yet again, by Coach Finstock. He’s horrified by what’s going on, kicks everyone out – including another teacher who chose not to intervene – and he’s still demonstrating a lack of fear. My question: if he’s unaffected by what’s going on, is he human or something else? I hope this is explored more!

Meanwhile, Scott, Malia, and Lydia take on the task of calling a truce with the hunters. Their first attempt with this is sending Argent to speak with Gerard. Needless to say, that doesn’t turn out so well. His response to Scott’s call for peace? “Tell him to run.”

A second attempt has Lydia speaking directly with Monroe. The interaction isn’t exactly friendly, but the team believes there’s a chance the two groups can coexist and Scott agrees to meet Monroe…alone…and in the tunnels to discuss the matter further. Thoughts on how that turns out?

Obviously, it’s a trap. The conversation between Monroe and Scott does shed light on why she’s so hell-bent on eradicating the world of werewolves, however. Apparently a victim of an attack from last season, she’s driven by her anger and resentment at being nearly killed and basically left for dead. It seems pretty bad, yes, but Scott and friends were in the middle of trying to save the world – it’s just not possible to do everything!

Regardless, she’s pissed and peace negotiations are over before they even start. Malia and Lydia arrive to give him some backup, but things take another turn for the worst when our walking, red corpse shows up too. It’s fear-inducing presence results in the hunters opening fire on our supernatural heroes. Pinned down, the situation looks dire. That is, until our favorite Hellhound joins the party. Parrish has a short confrontation with the not-so-dead body, which results in it being fried with an emergency flare.

The episode ends with the new wolf girl (Quinn) – still very much alive, albeit a little confused after being shot in the head – trying to find Scott. She relays her story about the deputy and the gang realizes just how bad their situation really is.

Ready for Teen Wolf season 6, episode 15? Let’s go!

Alright, so “Pressure Test” has one really good thing going for it. It starts off with a much more appealing opening scene – no spiders and the reappearance of Theo! I’ll be honest, he’s actually one of my favorite characters and I was quite relieved to see him alive and well.

Okay, maybe not well. He’s been caught and is being tortured by Schrader (an x-orderly from Eichen House). And he’s not the only one. Two young werewolf teens from Satomi’s pack are in the thick of the electroshock torture too.

One of the things I love most about Theo is how conniving he is. While he may not be the best person (or really even a good person at all), it’s always exciting to see how his desire to live aids him in escaping tough situations like this. With him involved, it almost goes without saying that the trio escape. He also agrees to help them find Scott.

They don’t make it far, however before they run into Sheriff Stilinski, who promptly arrests them all for murder. Theo is less than thrilled about being thrown into prison for something he didn’t do. So, in true Theo-form, he badgers the two werewolves into admitting he had nothing to do with the incident and is ultimately released.

And that’s what Scott wants to happen with the other as well. Unsurprisingly, Stilinski has issues with just releasing them, as humans are indeed dead and it’s his responsibility to find out what happened. He’s also dubious regarding the matter of a rouge deputy, certain he knows all of the men and women working for him.

Before anything can be resolved, Monroe arrives with a huge group of hunters and their demands are simple – hand over the two werewolves before midnight, dead or alive.

Determined to avoid further bloodshed on either side, Team Scott barricade themselves into the sheriff’s department. Despite the hold-fire, things aren’t exactly peaceful and Monroe isn’t interested in playing fair. The ever eager Nolan makes his way inside…and where do they put him? With the new werewolves everyone’s trying to kill!

Liam manages to save the pair from Nolan and his wolfsbane, but realizes something upsetting in the process. The last surviving werewolves from Satomi’s pack are not, in fact, innocent. We get to see Scott go full-on-Alpha in order to get them to show him their eyes – which are indeed blue. Apparently, they decided to turn the tables and began hunting down the hunters that destroyed their family. This adds a new element of difficulty to the situation and really rattles Scott.

Meanwhile, the sheriff’s station has yet another visitor. The body is back and it influences two of Stilinski’s deputies to kill themselves. With the clock ticking, the gang comes up with a plan that will hopefully trick Monroe into leaving – pretend the two dead deputies are the werewolves.

For me, this tactic seemed doomed from the start and Theo’s annoyed expression sums up the idiocy of it all when Monroe demands proof. She wants to see the pack marks, which the two deputies obviously don’t have. Things look bad and then…they kind of look badder…when Scott’s dad rolls up with the FBI. I know, what!?

Scott’s dad plays mediator and here’s the deal:

The two werewolves from Satomi’s pack are taken into FBI custody, the hunters agree to go, and all our favorite supernatural creatures must leave Beacon Hills…

Um, so I’m not exactly a huge fan of those conditions, but that’s what happens.

Except it really isn’t. While the hunters do back down, it turns out they’ve got people inside the FBI (or the FBI is working with them) and the young werewolves are gunned down in the back of their transport vehicle.

I think this was probably the most disappointing aspect of the two most recent episodes. I wasn’t particularly attached to these two characters yet, but it did rub me the wrong. I felt like the team’s only reason for doing anything throughout episode 15 was to keep them alive. There was lots of drama, angst, and two perfectly nice deputies died, only to have the reason for all if shot and killed in the end. It made me wonder what the point of watching the episode even was.

But I digress!

The other part of the agreement, that Scott and his pack leave Beacon Hills, wasn’t met either. As we find out, they have no intention of leaving and are, instead, going into hiding until they can fix what’s happening to their town.

We also discover things are heating up between Scott and Malia – they’ve progressed to hand holding now!

There’s one more interesting plot development in this episode that I haven’t gone over yet. While everyone else was trapped in the sheriff’s station, Mason, Cory, and Deaton found out something important. That scary body walking around? It’s actually an ancient shapeshifter called an Anuk-Ite, or “The Double Face.”

With the hunters quickly taking over and our new big-bad wrecking havoc, Scott’s pack has their work cut out for them. We’ll have to wait to see what happens next until Sunday, September 3, though because of the VMAs. Get ready to hit the dirt running when the show returns; there’s only five episodes left, two of which air on September 19. You can also look forward to a slightly longer season (and series) finale on September 24.

Until next time, wolf-out ya’ll!