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Episode Synopsis:

As the standoff at the prison escalates into a riot, enterprising inmates seize opportunities; Taystee decides to confront Caputo.


In the beginning of the episode, we’ve become well aware that the Litchfield riot is in full force…

Piper & Alex (feat. Linda)

It’s pretty interesting to see Piper and Alex decide to back off this season, and fall to the wayside. I think they’ve realized that they’ve made enough mistakes in the past, so they’re going to stay out of trouble. The only interaction they really have in this episode, is with Linda, who has gotten trapped in this whole new mess. I liked how Piper and Alex went down memory lane in terms of when they first arrived at Litchfield. Linda reminded Piper of herself; scared and innocent, and now they have to show her the ropes, so that she can fit in. I think it’ll be funny to see the back and forth between these three.


Humps is suffering pretty badly already; which I’m actually ok with because he’s the absolute WORST! When Daya is pointing the gun at him, he tries to seem like he’s this innocent person, but Daya decides to shoot him anyway. I’m happy that she shot him in the leg and not to death, because that would have been a shocker. It was also pretty bad that some of the inmates started kicking him afterwards. It was kind of hard to watch, because he was bleeding so severely and to top it off, he was getting beaten up. Gloria thankfully, breaks the inmates up and immediately realizes that Humps can’t die because then they would be charged with murder. It was nice to see that Gloria reached out to Sophia, whose still readjusting to being back in Litchfield, and wanted her to help Humps with his wound. On a side note, was anyone else surprised about that little frontal nudity bit shown by Humps? I was not expecting that. But anyways, in the end, Sophia can’t suture Humps back up, so her and Gloria take Humps to medical. I was impressed with Sophia because she sprang into action and really held her own with the doctor that was working there. She knew all the terminology and was a great assistant. And what was one of my favorite scenes in this episode, was that Humps was placed in-between Crazy Eyes and Maureen. It was so karma for what he did to them last season. He was strapped down to his bed, and he couldn’t go anywhere. It was definitely an eye for an eye moment.

Boo & Pennsatucky

These two are also taking a step back when it comes to the riot. They are staying put in commissary. But Pennsatucky did get to see Coates again, which of course Boo hated. I like that Coates is realizing that being a guard is not for him, so he’s pretty much staying out of trouble.

Lorna & Nicky

Their complicated relationship is still ongoing, but they decide to take shelter at the pharmacy of all places. Of course they have a run in with Angie and Leanne, but that’s all that really went on.

Taystee and the gang

So in this episode, we get a sense that Taystee is going to be a major player during this season. Her, Cindy, Janae and Alison are all fighting for justice, for what happened to Poussey. They take Caputo and Josh captive and want them to make another video about why Bayley needs to go to jail and why Poussey didn’t deserve to die. I gotta say too, that it was amazing to see Taystee punch Caputo in the face. She means business and that was really a news flash to Caputo, that she was in charge. They record the new video, but it was funny to see that the girls really had no idea about what was new in social media. Janae referenced her old MySpace account, and that really put into perspective, that these girls have been in prison for quite a while and know nothing about what is going on in the world. Thankfully Josh was willing to help them.


Red is already going off the deep end and wants her revenge on Piscatella. She goes into his office and finds the best thing ever!! A binder of pictures of Piscatella standing with his creations of different themed table settings. That was pretty much gold. I really hope she does get her revenge in the end.


Just a note that Blanca has secured all the entrances, so no one can get out or in…

Judy & Brook

Well, funnily enough, Judy is still in the building and isn’t getting out anytime soon. Also, Brook is still devastated about Poussey’s death; which is to be expected.


Daya is going through a lot of emotions so far. She was at an all time high, because she had a gun, shot Humps in the leg and knew no other inmates would mess with her. But then things started taking a turn. After talking to Martiza and Flaca about how she would probably be sent to Max for shooting Humps, Daya started to spiral into a deep depression. She knew that she had ruined her life and her only thought, was to call her mom. Sadly, Aleida didn’t answer and someone ended up knocking her out. I’m really interested to see the outcome to her shooting Humps. She might go to Max, but I’m wondering if she’ll get a longer sentence. I mean Humps did treat all the inmates very poorly, so her shooting him, could be seen as self defense. And also, she did only shoot him in the leg.