So what’s next for Arrow? Truthfully I have no idea but I have an awesome idea I’d like to share. Fair warning this article will have spoilers for Arrow so if you are not caught up, you should definitely go catch up. Season 5 was one of the best seasons so go catch up, it’s all on Netflix and then come back to this article.  

Season 5 ended with Oliver Queen finally defeating Adrian Chase, kind of. Chase may have gotten what he wanted after all. Lian Yu was rigged with explosives hooked up to Chase’s heartbeat. Chase killed himself on a boat with Oliver and William watching. The island went boom. The biggest kicker is it appears that all of Team Arrow, Chase’s accomplices, Deathstroke and William’s mother died on the island. With the potential loss of everyone and now being responsibility for William what else could happen to Oliver. Prison.

Photo Source: Arrow/The CW

There is a really awesome unproduced screenplay written by Justin Marks floating around online called Green Arrow: Escape from Supermax. As you may guess from the title Oliver Queen gets arrested and then has to escape from prison. Supermax to be exact. I don’t want to spoil it because it’s super awesome and everyone should read it. The general story is that the Green Arrow is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and is arrested. The Green Arrow is unmasked as Oliver Queen and he is imprisoned in Supermax. Supermax is a prison for super villains and many of them are there because of the Green Arrow. Star City is in trouble and so is Queen industries because of that Oliver must escape prison. Oliver teams up with some villains to escape and save the day. Pretty awesome, right? By the way this screenplay is super easy to find just Google “Green Arrow escape from Supermax PDF.”

Photo Source: Arrow/The CW

Imagine this Oliver gets back to Star City and at the airport Oliver Queen is arrested. Turns out Prometheus was still a few steps ahead, he framed the mayor, Oliver Queen. The crime doesn’t matter he just needs to get arrested. He’ll be unmasked as Green Arrow which really shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone. Send him to any prison just make sure it’s full of people he put away, maybe Iron Heights. Of course there can be Flash villains there too. All the writers have to do is give him a reason to escape. Maybe William is in danger or an even better idea bring back Dolph Lundgren and have his character take over Star City. This could be a full season arc or a half season arc. This would be great way to freshen up Arrow, bring back past villains and introduce new ones. Also if they went this route Oliver would have no idea if anyone survived Lian Yu. He would be cut off from the world.

Season 5 was one of the best seasons of Arrow and this could keep Season 6 on track. Regardless if this happens or not which it probably won’t let’s hope Arrow keeps getting better.