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“Oliver turns to an old friend to help battle Diaz. Meanwhile, Rene is out of the hospital but has a hard time re-adjusting to life as Wild Dog. Also, Lance discovers something shocking about Black Siren.” – The CW

The episode opens with Ollie capturing some Russian dude in Russia for the Bratva, in return he is receiving a favor. After receiving the favor back in Star City, Oliver pays Anatoly a visit. The favor was paying Ollie and Anatoly’s debt to the Bratva. Anatoyl can return to the Bratva but Anatoly says he is no longer honorable and tases Ollie.

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Anatoly has Ollie chained to a chair. He is loyal to Diaz not the Bratva.

Wild Dog is finally out of the hospital. New Team Arrow (I refuse to call them the Outsiders) throws him a welcome home party but he is just ready to take Diaz down. NTA (New Team Arrow) has themselves a lead on Diaz. The Dragon used to lead a gang called the Scorpions. They run drugs and Diaz is out of vertigo.

Diggle and ARGUS are working to take down Diaz with Dig leading the team. Digs got something to lead him to Diaz, Lydia Cassamento, the weapon runner for the Quadrant.

After some reconnaissance, the team finds the Scorpions location and attempts a sting. They aren’t running drugs, it’s guns. The Quadrant shows up and starts blasting. Rene gets in the line of fire and PTSD kicks in. Luckily for everyone ARGUS lead by John saves the day.

Diaz is also making some moves and sends Laurel to set up a meeting with the new mayor, Quentin Lance. Diaz wants Lance to sign over some municipal real estate. Quentin is not having it, to add more fuel to the fire he finds out Laurel is Team Diaz.

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Back at ARGUS, John apologizes to NTA. They share information regarding Diaz’s allegiance with the Quadrant and Lance makes a guest appearance, he can’t reach Oliver. The pieces of Diaz’s plan are falling together.

John and Rene share a heart to heart about PTSD on a Quadrant stakeout. It’s more that Rene doesn’t want to leave Zoey again than PTSD. Dig gives some good advice and they find out the guns are being shipped from Star City not into Star City. They make their attack with Wild Dog sitting out but nonetheless it is a success and they destroy the shipments.  John lets the team know he is always down to help. Zoey tells Rene she knows he is Wild Dog and she is okay with it, so we may see him back in action soon.

Laurel warns Quentin of the consequences if he doesn’t sign. Again, he isn’t having it especially when Laurel tries to play the victim. I’m not buying it either, Lance throws Laurel out of his office and home. He shortly reneges, he truly believes that Laurel is afraid. He signs and they vow to protect each other.

Anatoly delivers a chained-up Oliver to Diaz. The Dragon unleashes a beat down and Anatoyl pleads for him to give Oliver a fair fight, it is not honorable to fight a man who is bond up. Diaz unchains him and offers Ollie more than a fair fight. If Oliver wins Diaz will leave and vice versa if Diaz wins. Of course, Ollie takes Diaz down. It’s looking like Ollie will be victorious until Diaz proclaims, “Life isn’t fair” and stops Ollie with a knife he had hidden. This might just be Anatoly’s turning point. And it is Anatoly is all ready to help Ollie escape until Diaz requests Oliver’s presence.

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Laurel delivers the signature where Diaz tears it up immediately. He never cared about it, he just wanted to make sure he owned Lance. But Diaz isn’t down making power moves. He has decided to let Oliver stay in Star City even having lost the fight. He’ll be staying but it will most likely be in prison, Diaz is moving the trial up and taking a way Oliver’s bail.

I almost theorized Ollie going to jail with my very first Arrow post found right here.

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