Gotham Season 3 is coming to it’s peak, and the latest episode opened up with The Man, Bruce’s trainer, meeting with the Court Of Owls Ruling Council. He continually reprimands them for the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, and mentions that The Court’s decision to put a hit on them is what will cause their end. He brings forth Bruce Wayne himself, whom is given the right to pass judgement on the Council for their actions. The Council firmly stands by their actions, but Bruce hesitates in his orders; The Man steps in and gives the order, and the Talons within the room slip forward and slice the throats of every member of the council. After Bruce, The Man, and the Talons had long since vanished, the GCPD arrives with the intent to bring down The Court themselves. However, what they find instead is the mess left behind after the Ruling Council’s slaughter, though one had survived long enough to out his murders – Bruce Wayne and The Court’s leader.

Court meeting

The Council Is In Session – Gotham – The Fox Network

Back at the GCPD, Jim learns that the unit on Lee’s house had called to alert them that she was at her home. Harvey tries to convince Jim that the idea that Lee injected herself with the Tetch Virus was nuts, but boy is he in for a surprise. Meanwhile, Edward tells Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch that Oswald Cobblepot is VERY much alive and that while The Court of Owls isn’t something The Underworld should worry about, Penguin’s need for revenge IS.

Jim arrives at Lee’s, where she had sat waiting for him. She looks…well, intimidating. But…attractively intimidating? Is that a thing? I don’t know, I was scared but my crush on Morena Baccarin also just grew, so…moving on. She tells the Detective that the virus brought out her intense love of him, and that she loves him for the darkness he has in him. As she gets closer, she tells him there’s a problem: He denies his darkness, and she has to fix that. She throws him across the room, which knocks him unconscious. She puts him in the trunk, obviously set in her plans.


Jim Sees Lee’s Dark Side – Gotham – The Fox Network

Alfred figures out that the house where he and Bruce had taken the original owl wasn’t listed on the map, which brings him to the conclusion that not all of the locations are listed. He brings it to Harvey’s attention, and when The Captain asks how he’d found the owl in the first place, Harvey admits that he found out through a local organization known as The Whisper Gang. In a safehouse somewhere in Gotham, Penguin is throwing a temper tantrum because Firefly and Mr. Freeze had bolted after his kidnapping. Selina and Ivy are watching, and when a loud banging comes from the front door, Selina decides to bolt. Ivy decides to stay with Penguin, but hides behind him when Ed and Butch burst in. Oswald manages to trick Ed and escape with Ivy, but as Selina is running away, she’s knocked out by Tabitha.

The Penguin Tricks The Riddler

Penguin Fools The Riddler – Gotham – The Fox Network

The Man comes upon Bruce sitting down, seemingly lost in thought. He asks what the young Wayne boy had been thinking, and Bruce admits that he was thinking of his parents, and how he’d felt like a failure when he was unable to give the order to kill the court. The Man tells him he’ll have another chance, before Hugo Strange is escorted into the room. Apparently having been working with The Man all along, he provides them with the bomb. Bruce is given the detonator, and when he realizes that his chance to redeem his earlier failure is by destroying Gotham, he confidently agrees that “Gotham must fall.”

Gotham Must Fall

“Gotham Must Fall” – Gotham – The Fox Network

When Harvey and Alfred break into the location, given to them by their visit with The Whisper Gang, Bruce, The Man, and The Talons scurry away with the bomb. Another Talon attacks them, but Harvey puts him down and sends Alfred after Bruce. Alfred pleads with Bruce to come along, but he chooses The Man, and tells his former companion that Gotham’s fall is his destiny. Back at the GCPD, once they’ve re-grouped and Alfred fills Bullock in on his interaction with his ward, Harvey learns that no one has heard from Jim or Lee since Jim had gone to her home. Just as The Captain orders a BOLO on both Gordon and Lee, the latter walks in and confirms that she HAD seen Jim. She gleefully admits that she locked the object of her affections in a coffin, and though he’s alive and able to communicate through a walkie-talkie, his only real chance at escape is through the syringe of the Tetch Virus that she’d left with him.

Virus or Death

The Virus Or Death – Gotham – The Fox Network

Harvey locks Lee in a cell, and Jim tells Harvey that the Walkie Talkie is short-range; he tells the GCPD Captain to give the talkie to Lucius to see if he can pinpoint the location. Selina Kyle is brought to Barbara, Ed, Tabitha, and Butch, who strike a deal with the girl – Set up a meeting with Penguin, convincing him that she’d found Firefly, and they’ll take care of the rest. In exchange, they’ll give her money to get out of town, and they won’t hurt Ivy.

Harvey gets back with Jim and explains that they were able to narrow the search down to Jackson Park, and while he gets the K9 unit ready for a search, he tells Alfred that he has permission to squeeze every bit of information he can out of Hugo Strange. As they part ways, Lee calls to Harvey that Jim will inject himself, and that they’ll be together the way they were meant to. Alfred takes Hugo to the roof and dangles him over the edge, but when that doesn’t get the lunatic to talk, he instead offers him his freedom. Strange agrees and tells Alfred that Bruce is waiting at Wayne Enterprises. He explains that the bomb is set to go off at 5:00 pm, but that Bruce is beyond saving. Alfred responds that Bruce is stronger than he thinks, and punches him into unconsciousness. (A lot of people get knocked out this episode, apparently.)

Alfred ur not subtle

Alfred Is NOT subtle when it comes to interrogation tactics – Gotham – The Fox Network

Bruce and The Man look out over the city, and Bruce admits he doesn’t want to fail his destiny. The Man assures him he won’t, while somewhere else in the city, Jim is contemplating his own fate. He walkie-talkies Harvey and lets him know there’s too much ground to cover, and so Harvey tells him to take the virus – that they’ll figure something out. Jim adamantly refuses, until he overhears a call between Bullock and Alfred about the bomb set to go off at Union Station during rush hour. Not really left with a choice, Jim injects himself and escapes, the virus taking immediate effect.

At Ivy’s greenhouse, Penguin is pouting about the lack of loyalty surrounding him. Ivy tries to cheer him up by saying Selina had gotten in touch with Firefly, but Penguin realizes it’s a trap, but it’s too late: The Riddler, Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch break in and offer their greetings. Edward gives Penguin two options – he can either call Edward “The Riddler” and die quickly, or Edward will end his life as slowly as he can. Penguin refuses to do it, but before they can get further in their pissing contest, Fish Mooney herself interrupts (Guest Star Jada Pinkett Smith). While Penguin looks on in terror, Butch looks pretty pleased to see her. She rescues Penguin, but leaves Ivy to fend for herself, and pays little to no attention to Edward.

Fish Mooney

Fish Mooney Is Still My Favorite – Gotham – The Fox Network

Jim has stumbled his way to Union Station, where he throws a Police Officer out of his way and manages to locate the bomb. He defeats the Talon guarding the bomb and tries to work on diffusing it, but Lee, who had heard that Jim took the virus, managed to escape her cell and stops him from his work. She tells him to come to her when he’s ready, then looks fairly pleased with herself over the fact that they’ll “have company,” as she puts it.

Bruce is getting ready to activate the detonator, but Alfred stops him and says he won’t let his boy turn into a murderer. The Man, frustrated with the delay, pushes the button himself, and so Alfred fires his gun and ends up killing The Man. With his final breath, he tells Bruce to find The Demon Head, and even though they’d worked so hard against it, the city air begins to fill with the Tetch Virus. Will Gotham survive? Or is Jim doomed to live out his days infected by the Virus.