With Monday night’s return of Shadowhunters, let’s recap some of the more power punching revelations that have taken place so far this season. Reader Beware: Plot twists and spoilers will be revealed.

Clary’s Mom has been killed off the show. This was a huge shock as Jocelyn (Clary’s mom) remains alive for the entire book series. After she died, I spent a good portion of the season on edge thinking the show’s producers would try and bring her back from the dead (a massive No-No in the magical world). Thankfully, they have not.

Izzy realized the damage of her addictive ways and returned to the butt-kicking Shadowhunter we all know and love her to be.

Magnus and Alec exchanged I love you’s. Even though their relationship has blossomed quickly, this declaration of love was a magical moment to witness. I think it is safe to say that we will see their relationship grow stronger and stronger.

Simon can now walk in the sunlight. For a vampire, I personally think that’s pretty impressive.


Photo Source: FreeForm Press – ShadowHunters

The Mortal Sword is no longer the Mortal Sword. There are 3 Mortal Instruments: the Mortal Cup, the Mortal Sword, and the Mortal Mirror. They each have a unique ability and combined they are extremely powerful. The Mortal Cup is still the Mortal Cup and the Mortal Mirror is still the Mortal Mirror but, the Mortal Sword is now the Soul Sword. Confused yet? I certainly am. With the sword being such a big part of the literal triangle it seems more damaging than beneficial to change the name.

However, having Jace be the one to activate the Soul Sword was pure genius. This was a more than effective way to prove that Jace does not have demon blood in his veins. Thus, allowing for the anticipated reveal that he is in fact not Clary’s brother.

With so many twists and turns, what will the rest of this season hold? How will Jace reveal his true-identity to Clary? What will happen to Valentine? Will we find out the identity of the hooded figure who stole the Soul Sword? How will the arrival of Sebastian, complicate things? No matter what happens, I think we’re in for one action-packed ride.

Submitted by Heather Kassner