Walking Dead is back! They are bringing the creepy back and I like it. We pick back up in the creepy cemetery, people are fighting off walkers and whisperers, one gets a jump on Michonne but Yumiko saves her. The group keeps on moving as fast as they can to the Hilltop, Michonne tells Daryl that Judith found the others and vouched for them, and Michonne does as well. That’s all that Daryl needs to hear, they both apologize to each other for not being able to find Rick’s body for each other.

Dog alerts everyone that they have some company, so Daryl hatches a plan to separate the humans from the walkers. He leads them to an enclosed bridge and posts up at one side. He shoots his crossbow at the legs, the first one is obviously a walker, the second is a person who screams out loud. He gets pounced on by walkers, while two lurking behind try to turn around and see Michonne at the other entrance, one charges Michonne with a small knife and gets GUTTED! The other one is held prisoner which is a scared teenager, with the urging of Daryl they capture her to bring her back to the Hilltop.

Elsewhere Negan escapes his prison cell, he walks around at night, first thing he does it eat a tomato, because of course he does, he goes into Judith’s room and gets a compass, and finally tries to leave in the morning. Judith catches him at gunpoint, she tells him that their is nothing out there for him, he promises that he won’t hurt anyone if she lets him leave. She lets him go, but says if she sees him again she will shoot him, Negan says he would if he was her. Out on the road Negan is familiarizing himself with the world, he sees walkers for the first time in years, he drinks some water and gets sick. HE EVEN STOPS AT THE SPOT HE KILLED GLENN! The asshat!

Negan comes across a department store, he finds a sad scene of a guy who blew his brains out, he finds a leather jacket, and a pack of dogs find Negan! Negan hides and then escapes out a door right into a walker, Negan tosses that walker inside the store with the dogs and we hear at least one dog cry from the walker chomping down on it. Negan finally makes it back to the Sanctuary, and sometimes it’s not good to come back home. The place is a straight dumpster fire, and he is pretty defeated to see the state of the place. It doesn’t take him long to realize that maybe he should just go back to Alexandria and be near Judith again.


Negan trying to relive glory days but quickly realizes he doesn’t have an audience. Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC The Walking Dead

Luke and Aldon go out and look for Michonne and the others, another team of two went out as well. Michonne and the group returned fairly quickly after the two left. Everyone sees Jesus body and are understandably distraught, the people of Hilltop look to Tara now, it’s apparent to everyone that Yumiko and Magna are team players. Luke and Aldon see some arrows from Yumiko and continue on a trail, while back at Hilltop, Michonne, Tara and Daryl are trying to interrogate the new person. She is just spewing lie and after lie, Michonne says she needs to go back to Alexandria, the people there have to be warned of what’s really out there. Tara allows the new people to stay, while Daryl has to take the lead on interrogating the prisoner.

Eugene gets his knee set and tries to profess his love to Rosita, who leaves and throws up. SHE IS PREGNANT! Sure enough, yes my immediate thought is true, she is pregnant, but it turns out with SIDDIQ! Rosita tells Siddiq that while they were having fun before Gabriel, and Eugene hears everything from outside the window. Poor Eugene, getting his heart wrecked.

Daryl and Henry have some quick words outside, Henry doesn’t know his place here in the Hilltop, but Daryl tells him that he has one more night locked up and has to go back in soon. The funeral for Jesus is sad, the Alexandrians take off back home, Daryl sees how sad everyone is and rushes down to rattle the prisoner a bit. He says he doesn’t believe her and if she doesn’t tell the truth he is going to take her above and everyone wants revenge and are going to kill her. She says they only had 10, Henry yells Daryl to tell him to stop. Daryl tells Henry to shut his ass up, his place is to figure out why he is here and to wise his ass up, and Daryl leaves them both locked up. She thanks Henry, he tried to play it off all cool like he had to and introduces himself. She says her name is Lydia. Daryl is up above and can hear everything, letting Henry do his dirty work for him.

Negan is riding a motorcycle back to Alexandria and he comes across Judith. Judith shoots towards him and he wipes out. He tells her to slow down, he knows she said she would shoot at him. She says people are looking for him and she told him that their is nothing out here for him. He says, “you sure as shit did kid.” She scolds him by saying, “language! I’m a kid asshole!” I’m not going to lie I was rolling. He returns and thanks Judith for the compass, she wants to know if he is going back to Alexandria and he says yes cell and all. He got a look outside his 10 by 10 and he didn’t find anything for him. She wants to know then what, and his reply is he will let her know when he knows. That seems good enough for her, she shrugs her shoulder and they head back together.

Magna and Enid are catching up and looking out at Hilltop for their friends, Aldon and Luke find another arrow and a walker in the distance. Luke is ready to go kill it and the walker stops dead in it’s tracks. Very odd behavior that causes them both to stop walking. Suddenly more walkers show up all around them. The original walker comes up and throws the arrow at their feet and pulls a sawed off shotgun out and says the trail ends here.