This episode was one of my top 10 favorite within the whole series, and my favorite one in season 3.  Why you ask?  Because (most) of my favorite characters got what they wanted, and the one’s (Bash) that didn’t, well…. I still have hope for them.


It starts with Catherine intentionally harming herself so she go to the infirmary and eventually see Francis (uuum, yeah……).  This epically fails when Mary sends her back to the dungeons (but not Catherine calls her a “Vampire Bitch!”). Don’t worry Catherine, Mary will eventually come crawling back to you (but more on that later).

Narcisse and Lola’s affair is going strong, until Narcisse pressures marriage again.  Lola agrees to marry him, but breaks it off after Francis finds out about their relationship.   All in good time, Narcisse!

Charles, being the boy king he is, has his “friend”, Constance visit him at Court.  After reassuring Mary that they will have lots of heirs once they are married, Charles and Constance start getting into trouble.  After checking up on Francis (who is sick in bed), the Dauphin steels some opium (right off of his brother’s dresser!) and he and Constance spike the whine and have a good old time.  Unfortunately, this only leads to Constance going into Acoma and Charles freaking out!  After calming down, Charles asks Claude and Narcisse to help him revive his friend.  Narcisse makes the young boy take responsible for his actions, and the two of them revive Constance.  Francis eventually learns of the whole fiasco and rewards Narcisse with his blessing to marry Lola.  That’s right Larcisse fans, we are having a wedding this episode!

Francis is still not feeling well, and it’s such perfect timing to be ill because surprise, surprise; King Antoine is at Court!  Mary greets him and the two have a heated argument.  According to Antoine, Mary is the reason why Conde was captured by mercenaries and hence why the King of Navarre is at French Court (and not because Conde has you whipped?!?!).  Conde needs safe passage to Navarre (uuum, wasn’t Conde rescued by the British in the Season 2 Finale?) and the only way is through France.  In exchange, Antoine will convert to Catholicism.  Mary has a counter offer; sign away your claim to the French Throne and then we will talk.  King Antoine refuses and demands to see Francis.  Francis and Mary put on a brave face (and dance a sweet dance) only to have Antoine slip out and meet Nicholas, the new English Ambassador/Spy who offers England’s full support if Antoine doesn’t sign away his claim to the French Throne.  When Francis and Mary finds out (from Bash, who still blames Antoine for breaking up his marriage), Mary asks Catherine to blackmail Nicholas into reneging his offer.  Francis and Mary corner Antoine and tells him the jig is up!  They know about England’s offer, he needs to sign away his claim, and then……. Francis’ ear starts to bleed!  Antoine obviously notices, and refuses to sign now that he knows that Francis is dying.  In return, Francis slays Antoine’s guard and threatens war on Navarre.  Seeing that a dying King is capable of anything, Antoine finally relents.

Source: CW // Reign

After seeing Francis react to Antoine, and eventually Nicholas’ threats towards Mary, Mary finally realizes the alliance between France and Scotland is not based on their marriage, but the love that Francis has for her.  She calls off her marriage with Charles and suggests that Catherine become Reagent once Francis dies.  So Catherine has risen from the ashes again!  Once Catherine is released, she does not waste time.  After giving Larcisse a wedding present of a very subtle, yet equally deadly threat on their lives, Catherine proceeds to the throne room and sits on the KINGS Throne!!!!!

I’m just going to leave and let you picture that…….. Goodnight lovelies!