Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

Of all of the brains Liv Moore has been on–Dominatrix, Frat Boy, Dare Devil, Real Housewife–this one, the spacey, dramatic party girl, may have been the worst. Not entertainment wise…it was still as hilarious as ever, but in terms of how it affected her friends. She literally couldn’t remember to do anything but take selfies. This was one of the first episodes, actually, that she wasn’t even very involved with Clive’s murder case. He solved it anyway, though. It’s actually becoming quite the trend that the case of the week is nothing compared to all of the other drama that’s happening. And this week the drama centered on


Major took the cure and seemed to be doing pretty well. He ate loads of ice cream and generally remembered everyone and everything. Until, he slowly started to slip. Liv was supposed to keep an eye on him, but her spaced out brain distracted her too much, so she totally missed him hopping a bus to Walla Walla. Of course, he completely lost his memory as he arrived to Walla Walla. Luckily, he’s well known in the town–it’s where his mom (and her wife) lives.

Just as I’m starting to cry thinking about how Major’s memories are all gone and now he’s back home away from Liv…something happens back in Seattle. SOMETHING I SUSPECTED ALL ALONG. BECAUSE I’M PERCEPTIVE.

Don E. (Blaine’s old partner) told Ravi that Blaine was definitely faking his memory loss. While at first, Ravi discounted his theory, he decided it may be a good idea to tell Peyton anyway. This pissed her off at first, of course, because it just seemed like typical jealous Ravi, but then she decided it may be a good idea to test the theory. She showed up to Blaine’s morgue with Thai food (“Thai me up, Thai me down”), and asked him about his memory. She even said she won’t care either way because she’s so happy. Then, Blaine comes clean. He did lose his memory for a few days, but it came back. He didn’t tell anyone because he liked the fresh start it created. Peyton is a sneaky lawyer, though, and she was LYING about not caring. She dropped him faster than a hot plate of fajitas. SEE YA BLEYTON. Blaine, you’re the worst.

Cut to Major, back in Walla Walla, regaining his memory. This is all awesome news for Liv. The cure WORKS! Liv can finally become a human again! She can’t wait to eat ice cream! And Major can’t wait to finally, really be with her again! But, we’re only half way through the season here…things can’t work out this easy. And they don’t. Back at the morgue, all of the remaining syringes with the cure have been stolen. Either by Blaine or Don E. And Major gave his remaining syringe to that girl Natalie a few weeks ago. So, it looks like Zombie Liv remains. And that may not be such a bad thing, because according to showrunner Rob Thomas, we shouldn’t be too quick to trust the cure.

PLEASE, Rob Thomas, just don’t kill Major!!

The episode ends with Blaine cooking up his own version of the blue brain juice. Uh oh…this can’t be good.