After a three week mini-hiatus, it’s almost time for more Bones! “More Bones.” Those are maybe my two favorite words in the English language.

For whatever reason, FOX has chosen to air the last two Bones episodes of 2015 on the same night. Could they have easily fit 11×09 into the schedule last week when they aired two season 10 reruns? Certainly. But we all know the network just does what it wants, especially with this show. I won’t get into all that here. But like it or not, the fall finale will be a two hour block.

I love Bones. And that is quite possibly the understatement of the century. I could (and would) sit alone in a room and do nothing but watch this show for the rest of my life. So I definitely have no problem watching two episodes in a row. But two new ones? Give me time to process! We know so very little about these episodes. And the facts we do have make me quite nervous about watching these back-to-back. It isn’t as though they were intended to be paired together. It was much like last season’s The Lost in the Found with The Verdict in the Victims. Those episodes had little to do with each other. It was just a way to cram the rest of the season into the schedule. I simply do not care for that approach. I think that unless it’s a legitimate two-part episode, it takes away from both hours when you air them on the same night. The first episode is supposed to be full of fun and frivolity, while the second has promised to shock and sadden. Whatever happens at the end of episode 10 could overshadow all the fun moments from episode 9. At least that’s my primary fear. But, what’s done is done. We will all just have to go in knowing that the first episode will make us smile, and the second could reduce us to sobs.

Enough with the “complaints.”  Despite my disagreement with the scheduling logistics, I truly am very excited to see how they plan to close out the first half of this season.

Source: FOX Media

The first episode takes us undercover once again. These are always some of the most amusing episodes for Bones because Booth and Brennan are NEVER inconspicuously deep in cover. They always stand out, and it is so entertaining to watch. It’s not like other crime shows where “undercover” implies a more serious and even perilous situation for the characters. These episodes are lighter, and they bring some absolutely hilarious moments for Booth and Brennan. I know these two people are so very content with who they are and where they are in their lives, but I think playing the part of someone else intrigues them. It gives them a chance to step outside the usual daily grind and do something completely different. It’s still about solving a crime, but you cannot deny that they always have some fun undercover. And Brennan will never turn down a chance to sharpen her “acting” chops. David and Emily clearly anticipate these types of episodes. I loved that interview where Emily spoke about how she and David were so enthusiastic playing Buck and Wanda with their mullets.  We will actually get our first look at Buck and Wanda since The Diamond in the Rough! What is new and interesting about this particular episode is that Buck and Wanda will not be “together.” We are so accustomed to seeing Tony & Roxie or Buck & Wanda as couples. They have been “loosely committed,” betrothed and married. But never strangers. I don’t know why, but this dynamic really excites me. It is just another way season 11 is bringing new and fresh stories. I am also just entranced by any “first meeting” scenarios with these two people. There is always that spark. We saw it in The Parts in the Sum of the Whole, and more recently in The 200th in the 10th. I know it will likely not be about them falling in love as Buck and Wanda. It’s not the point of their “mission.” But can you imagine these two MARRIED people who know each other so well trying to pretend as though they are meeting for the first time? The possibilities for entertainment are endless. Especially because you know they are going to break character at times. It’s inevitable. Also because Brennan doesn’t initially see the value in going undercover. She shrugs it off as Booth merely wanting the opportunity to play cowboy. But I can only imagine his reaction as she enters that saloon (assuming that is her first “undercover” appearance).  I am so looking forward to seeing his face.

Alright, so the two of them will be undercover at an “Old-West style shooting competition.” The photos have been really amazing. I know some will compare it to a similar story in Castle. But these two shows have always “borrowed” from each other. Whether it is coincidence or not, I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter to me if you borrow a setting or an idea, it’s all about how you write and how you execute. This will no doubt be vastly different. The characters are different, so the episode will undoubtedly play out in a dissimilar way. I am not calling one better. I am just tired of the whole “they copied us.” From either side. Someone is always copying someone else in television. It happens. It’s normal. That’s all I’ll say about that. No matter what, I know this will be a really delightful episode. It just cannot not be.

Moving on. We know so very little about the second hour. Information has been limited for The Doom in the Boom. Everyone involved has been pretty tight-lipped. Judging by the title, this will not be low-stress by any means. We do not have any official pictures, and we do not have a shred of promo footage. I’m writing this early, so we may or may not have sneak peeks by the time this is posted. Here is what we do know (and some questions that immediately spring to mind when reading the press releases and interviews):

  • A police officer is murdered, which sends “shockwaves through both the Jeffersonian and FBI teams.” Do they know this fallen officer? What are the circumstances of the murder? Does this have anything to do with the personal troubles that eventually befall someone (or more than just one) on the team?
  • A behavioral analyst played by Sara Rue will work with Booth on the investigation. Anyone who thinks this is a threat to B&B should probably calm down. Booth and Brennan are solid. Just because she is a woman, doesn’t automatically make her a threat. Additionally, if for some reason she does set her sights on Booth, that man’s metaphorical heart belongs to only one person. Also it just wouldn’t make any sense in context. They are in a very good place in their personal lives. “Temptation” would be illogical at this point in their story. Really, nothing about her guest starring role is very telling. Other than the fact that she’ll be working with Booth for a couple episodes. That’s it. We’ll just have to wait and see where she fits in the story. It could actually be a good thing. Who can say?
  • Cam is still dating Sebastian. Arastoo comes back. Will she have to choose? Does Arastoo have a new job somewhere Would she automatically choose him? I have a hard time believing that she wouldn’t. But at the same time, how would that work?
  • Caroline is in the episode. As she should be. That’s all. It just needs to be said because Caroline is the best.
  • Booth hangs out with a SWAT team. David posted a photo of this a few weeks back. Where are they? And does this mean there is a literal BOOM in this episode? I assume both a literal and a metaphorical explosion. Again, I really have little idea about what is going on.
  • “A major character will sustain a heartbreaking, unimaginable loss.” This is a tough one. We’ve been told that this episode very significantly affects Hodgela and Aubrey in some way. And also that this is a “game-changer” for Angela and Hodgins. I have to assume that there is not a major character death. If this episode was supposed to be episode 2 of the season, it cannot possibly be a major character death. But what could so profoundly affect those two? And where does Aubrey fit into it? Maybe I’m reading too much into it all. There has been some speculation in the fandom that it could be a lost pregnancy. This would be devastating. Absolutely. But would it change the game? And in what way? This “spoiler” really has me reeling. I honestly have no idea what they are going to do. If not the pregnancy, then what else could affect these people so profoundly? Perhaps it’s something we aren’t even considering. The show has been known to try and throw us off more than a few times.
  • Finally, everyone reevaluates what is important to them. This is vague. But anything that happens to one of them happens to all of them. They are a family.

I know we are all adverse to too much angst. But I have to believe that we are going to get some truly stellar performances when the emotional stakes are this high. And I am more than a little excited for that. Episodes 9 and 10 could not possibly sound any more different. We will begin the evening with laughs, and likely go to bed in tears. But that’s just the way it is. I love that this show can actually have two so very differing tones. Though, I am of course of the opinion that this show can do almost anything it wants. I’ve laughed and cried more times than I can count. Humor and emotion, Bones can bring both.

Whatever happens, this is not the end of the story. While we are cursed with yet another seemingly interminable hiatus, Bones will be back. And in the meantime, we will have 222 episodes to go back and rewatch until its triumphant return!