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Younger – #LizaToo

Liza returns to Empirical hoping to resume business as usual; Charles announces a new project that spurs several unsettling revelations.
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Well Younger is finally back, and if you thought we would listen to the voicemail from Charles, find out he was declaring his love, run to his office and make-out atop a mountain of books, you were so very wrong. By the end of this episode that turns into the last thing on your mind, and I just realized we don’t even know if she listened to the message.

So the episode picks up literally after Josh’s wedding with Liza landing in the city and rushing into the office when she gets an SOS text from Charles. She heads to his office and he starts talking about inappropriate behavior and crossing lines and she wants her to tell him if she’s ever felt uncomfortable. She cuts him off before he finishes his sentence though and starts reassuring him that everything that happened in that office, she wanted to happen. She also clarifies for him that her feelings are still there and that they’re real, but that she doesn’t want to get in the way of a family getting back together.

Charles is visibly moved by this declaration, thanking her for it. But then he’s forced to specify that he wasn’t talking about himself, but rather Edward LL Moore, the show’s version of George RR Martin that Zane stole from Empirical/Kelsey but then brought him back when he left Rivington. He has announced a new prequel series and before announcing and greenlighting it, Charles wants to make sure he never crossed a line with Liza.

"Younger" Ep. 501 (Airs 6/5/18)
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It would almost be sweet if Charles had NOTICED how gross Edward was towards Liza from the moment they met, but instead this question is only coming up because of an anonymous post on a fan-site about some horrible things he’d said to a woman. Knowing that Moore is important to Empirical’s future, she chalks it up to him being a gross old man and assures everyone (at this point Zane & Dianna are in the room) that he never crossed a line.

Everyone is thrilled, and they decide to announce the prequel at comic-con the next day, which there’s no way you can be that last minute with your comic-con programming but okay, show. So anyway, Liza rounds up all the women who have inhabited the Princess’s bikini and they’re all about to go on stage at the event. But then Moore makes a gross comment to Liza and she starts to question his intentions and his actions towards other women. She asks the other Princesses and sure enough they each have a story in which Moore was inappropriate and in where they experienced harassment.

Liza runs to tell Charles this and he, in a moment of bravery and because he’s IN LOVE WITH HER, gets on stage and cancels the book! It’s hilarious to see Moore start to come down from the ceiling and being stopped mid-way and being all insulted and angry that this is happening to him. Comic-Con starts to boo, because misogyny, and everyone from Empirical is FLABBERGASTED.

"Younger" Ep. 501 (Airs 6/5/18)
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While this is all happening, Pauline’s book has finally gone to print, and she wants to open the first box with Liza & Kelsey, who helped her on this journey and blablabla. She opens it, it’s got a cute-ass cover and I sort of want to buy it, and is all excited until Kelsey realizes that Charles “stole” this book from her, publishing it under Empirical and not her Millennial imprint.

Zane is somehow involved in this and makes Kelsey even more angry, but then he and Charles steam-roll this issue with the PamPam prequel drama.

Later that night, Zane takes Kelsey out for drinks and before she can finish hers, takes her to Times Square to show her the giant billboard he bought announcing the return of Princess PamPam. He gloats that it’s a 3 month buy, and that Charles loves that he can see if from his office. They have some sexy banter; Hilary Duff says the word wiener and they walk away from each other. The comic-con drama happens the following day, so now everyone is stuck with this giant billboard that reminds all of New York City that empirical was publishing a book by a sexual predator.

"Younger" Ep. 501 (Airs 6/5/18)
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Obviously, the news of Moore’s habits breaks, and people start coming forward with their own stories and Empirical looks at cancelling the series altogether. Kelsey is sure that Rivington knew about this and that’s why they let him go so easily.

Liza says that she has an idea for the billboard and gathers everyone at Time’s Square that evening for the new reveal. Pauline shows up and starts cozying up to Charles RIGHT as he was telling Liza about their earlier conversation and how he felt about her love declaration and perhaps he was on the verge of making his own, but we will never know WILL WE, PAULINE!

In her defense, she was there because the new billboard prominently features her and her book! Not only that, but they are reprinting the first batch and publishing it under the Millennial imprint, as it was always supposed to be, only because Empirical wants to lay low for a while.

"Younger" Ep. 501 (Airs 6/5/18)
Photo courtesy of TV Land

And just when you thought things might be all fine and dandy, f*ckin Edward LL Moore calls Charles up to request an emergency meeting that night, to share some information he’s sure Charles wants to hear…Of course, as all gross sexual predators do, he was there to discredit the women who had come forward against him. He calls one a groupie, the other one had it coming, another one he’s never met, and so on and so forth until he gets to Liza. He says “this one has no credibility” and Charles is like but that’s the love of my life…jk he just says “that’s Liza” with a look on his face like dude come on. THEN Moore says that while he was looking into her, he found out that she’s a middle aged divorcée from New Jersey.


Special shout-out to Dianna’s necklaces and her understanding of youth culture; & to Caitlyn’s roommate’s dad for being the lawyer that came in to give the sexual harassment seminar, forcing Liza to sneak out and fake “horrible diarrhea” in front of Charles and Diana to explain herself. ALSO THERE WAS NO JOSH AND NO MAGGIE AND I AM OFFENDED!

Younger airs Tuesdays on TVLand.

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