Supernatural is on hiatus again this week (dammit), so while we wait for episode 19, I did a little hunt to find our favorite feathered friend….


Courtesy of The CW

Maybe he was giving some serious side-eye to the other Trenchcoated Angel???

Madam Sec

Courtesy of CBS

Or he could be making sure Russell doesn’t keel over again, they have their hands full with Bess punching Heads of State…

Crazy EX

Courtesy of The CW

Perhaps he’s getting some Zen and yoga on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?? 


Courtesy of The CW/CBS

There have been a shitload of DC crossovers happening on CW, maybe Cas got lost?? Or he’s moonlighting as Supergirl’s sidekick?

Jane the Virgin

Courtesy of The CW

Maybe….maybe he took a dip in Miami?

Jon Snow

Courtesy of HBO Studios

God knows his angelic healing powers would keep him busy in Westeros…

New Girl

Courtesy of Fox

Ah… the elusive 7th roommate on New Girl


Courtesy of Starz

Somehow I don’t think Jamie and Claire’s fierce possessiveness of each other would allow these kind of shenanigans…


Courtesy of The CW

Perhaps Cas got confused about the timeslot? YOU MOVED TO 8/7c CAS!


Courtesy of The CW

Goddammit, Gabriel (who I refuse to believe isn’t alive) threw him back into another dimension.


Courtesy of AMC

Or fuck it, Cas is a goddamn zombie.

Either way, He should be back in his rightful place with Team Free Will next week when Supernatural returns!!!

**Special thanks to @nishwash70 for her rockin’ photoshops, since I’m completely incapable of creating them**