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By the title of the episode and the characters involved, I was hoping that this camping trip would be hilarious and full of hijinks, but it ended up just being sad and depressing. I mean, Boyle actually had to go forage for berries and fungi. What is this, The Hunger Games?! AND he fell into a sinkhole. Then, Jake and Terry fell into the sinkhole while trying to get him out. At least we got a cute spooning scene out of that. I’m wondering if the point of this plot was to kick start Jake being more responsible for his actions, or Terry having a little more fun? Hopefully both, judging by the fireworks at the end!

Now onto Amy’s invention, which I would totally buy for my mom because she wants a good reading light: the ShoulderNova. Gina is my fave, don’t get me wrong, but for some reason I am just dying for her to be wrong about something. For example, I was hoping that the extra pizzazz that she pushed into Amy’s presentation would actually make it less appealing to the Police buyers. Is that evil of me? I know the best thing about Gina is her confidence, but it would be interesting to watch her get knocked down a peg. Gosh, now that I’m typing this I feel bad. I don’t want Gina to lose her confidence.  I’m leaving this all in the recap so you can actually read how hard I think about TV and character development. That’s kind of sad, right? Maybe I need to pick up a sport or something. Now that I’m remembering the very end, Gina was a nice friend to Amy and told her neighbor about the ShoulderNova—she is a good friend. And I am a bad person for wishing her emotional harm. Golly gee I am the physical embodiment of the poop emoji.

Let me move on before I dig myself deeper into this hole. We got to see some actual emotion out of Rosa (and Holt!) this week. Actual tears. It was touching. And a little awkward. I was actually a little surprised that Rosa broke up with Marcus; I figured that was going to stick for a while…will she and Boyle finally get their chance? Just kidding. Maybe.

See you next week—hopefully I won’t be so harsh on the characters in my next recap!