The rides at the Mexico boardwalk are quite different. Photo Credit: Fear the Walking Dead/AMC

​This weeks episode of Fear the Walking Dead saw two groups again, we will start with Nicks brief interactions. Nick knows that his new home needs clean water, which is being held by captive by thugs at the store in town. Furthermore he knows that the thugs want OxyContin, so Nick goes to the pharmacist Alejandro and asks for a chance to try to make things right and stretch out their current supply, so in turn they can get more water which prolongs their supplies and survival. So with that, Alejandro lets Nick channel his inner “Walter White” and get to work breaking it down and combining it with powdered milk to make it seem as they have more to trade. It is likely to be a short term fix if it is uncovered, but desperate times call for desperate measures and it buys them time to find more or to find a water alternative.

Besides this Nick played with the kids in camp, flirted with Luciana, who found out her brother just died……wait Luciana had a brother? I missed that tidbit, Nick ends up getting upgraded to his own space. Luciana comes over at night and talks to him to see how he is doing and ends up sleeping on his bed while Nick reads. When she wakes up apologizes and starts to leave Nick tells her he has been told that she tests people, and asks if she is testing him. She turns around and kisses Nick, which was nice if not something we saw slowly building the last few episodes.

Meanwhile at the hotel, we start by going back, to see how Strand and Madison escaped the walkers trying to order blood shots at the bar. It happened with some normal walker skull bashing, after being pinned behind the workstation and trying to figure out what to do, Madison pulled a walker behind the counter, went for the guts and forced her and Strand to put walker blood on them to blend in with the walkers like Nick used to do. When they escaped they went out the front door and noticed that the truck is gone, causing them to wonder who might have left. They made the way to a nearby part of the hotel room, climbed scaffold to the second floor to hide out.

We flash to current where Elena explains her story and what is going on, Madison knows that she needs to organize a meet up with the other group in the hotel since it is in everyone’s best interest to work together to eliminate the threat of walkers. After they do that they can fortify the position from outsiders and danger, and try to grow food and harvest water, make the place a home instead of fighting among themselves.

So Madison and Strand go to the wing of the other group of survivors and makes the plea from the ground up to the leaders floor. They let them in and they go to talk to the mother and family that is held there. Madison makes a lot of sense and the smart play is to go along with the plan to eliminate the walker danger in their own front yard so to speak. With this the groups start working together to eliminate walkers and dragging them onto a pile on the beach. While on the beach Alicia, who again has been coming into her own in a big way, takes a look at the big pier that is near them, she notices a sign hanging up high on one of the legs of the pier and she goes into the water to try to get a closer look. She sees that it has a riptide warning and devises an idea of how to make the walker problem someone else’s concern.

The pitch is to get groups to lead a stream of walkers with noise to the pier, have the groups meet up into one large group, once they pass through the last building have someone else lock the walkers out on the pier, and have Madison be the final one to lead them out to the edge of the section of the pier(that is not fenced off) and she will leap into the water to be pulled onto a boat by Madison and someone else, causing the walkers to be locked out or continue to fall into the water, struggle, with the thought to be pulled into the rip tide and dragged into the ocean to end up someone else’s problem miles down the shore. The plan shockingly seems to work well, even if Alicia had one of my personal most frustrating moments, she pulled out her cell phone and played music to lure the walkers to where she wanted. I can’t even get my cell phone to last an entire day, let alone countless days in a Apocalypse.

After the successful lure attempt the two groups for the most part get together and share a victory dinner together. Strand notices that the husband of the couple that was going to get married wasn’t down enjoying dinner with everyone else and someone mentioned he doesn’t leave the floor very much. Strand went up to talk to the man and realized that the man has kept his wife in one of the hotel rooms. Strand mentions he understands the hurt of love lost, and that he will go and help the man heal, and goes inside to seemingly dispatch of the walker fiance.