Eat, Pray, Liv

Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

Don’t you wish becoming zen and mindful was as easy as having a brain chai latte? No wait, that would mean I would need to eat brains. I think I’d rather try yoga. But still, that mindfulness was enviable, even if it sort of got this week’s victim killed.

So Liv ate the brain of a total yogi and was able to stay zen throughout all of this week’s chaos. What chaos, You ask? Let me recap for you:

First and foremost (on my mind, at least), Major is DYING. Fluid keeps building up in his lung as a side effect from the last cure. According to Ravi, he’s got weeks at the most. Now he needs to decide if life is worth living if he loses all of his memories, because that’s the side effect of the replacement cure (i.e. Blaine). At first thought, the memory loss seems like small potatoes compared to death, but when you think a little more about all the memories of your life and how they’ve shaped you…could you really bare to lose them? I don’t think I could. And if you look at it with a romantic lense like I do, can you imagine Major giving up his memories and feelings for Liv? That may seem like it’s really on the back burner for now, but those love eyes he gave her while she played ‘Just Dance’ said everything. So as of now, Major’s fate is still up in the air. And lately, The CW has proved it’s not afraid to get rid of a male protagonist. *brb cry break* *weeps for Greg Serrano and Michael Cordero* #protectmajoratallcosts

It’s hard for me to move on from this, but there’s lots more to cover.

Blaine and Peyton, or Bleyton which sort of sounds like “bleh”, are getting close again. This so called memory loss has been reeaaaallly good for him. I’ll never trust him. And his singing isn’t helping his case (well, for me, anyway). Ravi spends most of his time stewing in a jealous rage and being generally immature about the entire situation. He’s scared to talk to Peyton and whenever he does, he’s emotional and a bit irrational. Peyton is maybe a little harsh on him, but he’s also a little annoying about it all. Finally, towards the end of the episode and in front of the whole gang, Ravi admits that he loves Peyton. While she doesn’t respond to it immediately, she comes to see him later and they kiss and everything seems right as rain until we realize that Ravi’s old boss is in the kitchen. He hooked up with her! Come on Ravi! You’re not doing ANYTHING to help yourself here! Even if, as Rahul Kohli said on Twitter, you were on a break!

It’s not often that the case is the least compelling storyline of the show, but this week, it was. This brain, while appealing (as I said, I wish I were more mindful), was pretty boring and so was the case itself. The killer ended up being an old business friend who got screwed over by the victim. It really always is either money or sex! I thought it might be Ladybird or the other living yoga guy, but nope, good old Rob Thomas threw us off a bit.

Now here’s my final plea: promote this amazing show. The ensemble is phenomenal–I wish I was their friend, and the writing and direction are fantastic. It needs to be on forever. WATCH IT!