One of the Flash’s well-known and classic villain, Abra Kadabra finally debuts on the Flash. Abra is played by an actor who is no stranger to comic book related properties. David Dastmalchian has played villains in The Dark Knight (2008), Gotham (2017) and a supporting role in Ant-Man(2013).

How does this episode hold up? Very well with a memorable performance by Dastmalchian that carries this episode from good to great. This was very much a character driven episode that challenged Team Flash’s moral and concept of justice. The team was pushed by a very aggressive villain who had me invested as he was someone from the future and knew Barry was the Flash as well as who is Savitar. I sort of got a bit of Reverse Flash vibes coming from Kadabra with his performance which is a positive in my book. I also enjoyed how we got to know more about Gypsie and her life on Earth 19.

The best part of this personally was the set up of the return of Killer Frost. It was a nice surprise for future episodes to come as well seeing Barry traveling to the future.  There are a few things this episode left me craving for. Such as seeing the return of Kadabra, seeing the future Barry and Killer Frost as a big  villain.