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We begin this season backwards as is the norm with HTGAWM. Then we have to catch up throughout the rest of the season. We know Frank probably has some not so good news for Analise. We also know someone is bleeding outside of Oliver and Connor’s wedding. But who? Right off we open the season with more questions. Analise is back teaching and looking for a job. But this time Analise is having the students essentially audition for spot in her class. The regular guys are there along with Gabriel Maddox. We aren’t really sure what his role is as of yet. We do know that he is trying to get close to Analise for some strange reason.

There are also a few changes, Bonnie is working for the DA and Frank seems to be trying to find himself. Analise is also looking for a job because and has been interviewing for multiple firms while still working the case. She can’t practice on her own any longer because she no longer has her office. We also see that those scratches on Laurel’s arm are just now healing. Micheala is trying to get with Marcus now that her and Asher have broken up because she cheated. Laurel is also having relations with Frank and her and the baby are living with him. So to me it seems like as much as they complain about Analise that are all pretty much lost without her and still trying to lean on her in some way. She is desperately trying to sever those ties.

More questions arise as they continue to try to figure out where Laurel’s mother is and Bonnie is trying to keep everyone safe without Analise’s help. Bonnie has definitely changed from who she was in the first 2 seasons of the show. And we can also see that she is falling for the ADA but she is trying to hide it. But it makes you wonder if they are sincere or if they are just using whomever shows interest in them. And, the team is broken up when Asher is not chosen for Analise’s course which hurts his feelings as well. And apparently Govenor Burkhead is still a factor. On a side note, I am glad they let the ADA grow a beard.

So the gang is moving. Circumstances have changed for all of them. So the best way to survive is to live together but they all balk against the house. But in the end they decided it was best to live together and help each other out. Frank is up to his sneaky tricks again and warns Analise about Gabriel, or tries to that is. But she doesn’t want any part of it. Is she changed or is she really just trying to separate herself from the gang of ungrateful students. Who knows? It seems that every time she tries to pull away it backfires on her and she gets in even deeper than she wanted too.

In the end it’s Caplan and Gold she works for and gets a funding for her students. But is that going to be a good idea? I guess we shall soon find out.