Source: BBC Doctor Who

Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 6

Last week we saw the first half of this two parter with a funny and fast pace episode that ended on a emotional note.However we get a much slower and more personal story of Ashildr. I really sunk into the the idea of being immortal was a cruse with huge side effects. I really respect this episode take on the touchy subject of losing your love one and how it changes you as a person. As well as the idea of showing the consequences of The Doctor’s actions don’t always lead to a positive result. The Doctor himself gave such subtle emotion yet the small movement in his face and the look he gave with his eyes told us so much about the emptiness of living for a very long time. The only downside to this was I felt the villain took a back set and looked a bit silly.

I think of all the two part theme episode we have sen so far. This one is the most well  done due to how both episode are both a strong continuation but both are able to stand on their own.