Picture Source: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on The CW/Dean Buscher

Eobard Thawne narrating the cold open? Nay I say, nay!

From the very beginning of “Doomworld,” the very fabric of reality is off kilter. Eobard is running Star Labs and is very rich; Damian Dahrk is mayor and his henchwomen are Amaya and Sara (who kill a vigilante Felicity Smoak); Malcolm Merlin has both hands once more, his wife and son are alive and his daughter adores him. In short, everything is wrong.

When a long-haired Nate walks into Star Labs and lets Eobard know his theory of altered reality, he orders Mick and Snart to kill him. The odd thing is, Mick recalls it all: the Legends, Legion of Doom, the Spear of Destiny. He makes a choice and double crosses his old partner, saving Nate in the process.

Picture Source: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on The CW/Dean Buscher

Finding Ray (who’s a janitor and has cleaned a ton of toilets), Nate and Mick breakdown the situation. Of course Ray has built a machine that will reverse their amnesia-upon regaining their memories he and Nate promptly punch Mick in the face for his treachery. There’s no time for a reunion because the ladies in leather are on their trail. They manage to zap Sara but Amaya gets away, still altered, still evil.

The only Legend not manipulated is Rip. Stuck in a temporal vortex, he has honed his skills as a pastry chef. His only companion, GIDEON. Wallowing in despair because he’s unable to move the ship, GIDEON comes up with a solution and whips Rip back into shape.

Picture Source: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on The CW/Dean Buscher

With all of the Legends together (except Stein), they plot a plan to get the Spear back, rescue Professor Stein and stop Eobard Thawne once and for all. Although Mick rescued them, none of the team trusts him to help execute the mission. Feeling slighted (again), he trots back to Damian, Malcolm and Snart to spill his guts. The Legion sees an opportunity to break from Eobard-who wants to keep altered reality as-is.

With fierce fighting, Mick manages to grab the Spear. He does the right thing and gives it to Amaya, but while reciting the incantation, she’s frozen by Snart. Smashing her into pieces, the Spear is snatched by Thawne and destroyed by the capacitor Professor Stein was forced to build.

Letting them walk, Eobard believes himself impervious to any altered altered realities. The Legends have another idea: time travel back to 1916 France to stop the Legion from ever obtaining the Spear. It’s risky and it’s anathema to Time Masters but the Legends are determined to get Amaya back.

And as Rip gets the reserve power back on in the Waverider, the camera pans back to reveal…the teeniest, tiniest Waverider on top of a desk. Inside Star Labs.

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